Intelligent Illuminations – How Sun Tunnels Can Save You Money

Guest post by Hubert Dwight

The cost of living is increasing at an alarming rate. So it pays to be on an active look out for ways that you can cut costs. And this cost-cutting should begin at home.

There’s lots you can do to limit the amount you spend.

You can adopt energy-savvy saving techniques like turning off appliances at the wall or setting your heating and cooling to certain temperatures.

Or you can air dry your washing instead of running the dryer.

But one thing many people don’t consider is their lighting.

Let’s look at a few ways that sun tunnels can save you some hard-earned coin.

Just What is a Sun Tunnel?!

You asked, right?

A sun tunnels is a special kind of skylight.

Essentially it lets in all the good light of the sun during the day, and then turns on a special LED globe when the sun sets.

That means your room is properly lit from the moment the sun rises to the moment until after it sets in the evening.

Bear the Cost of Installation

Sun tunnels will cost you some money to install.

This may make you hesitate at first, but trust us – the long-term savings will outweigh the initial cost.

Just make sure to pick a reliable installer.

Read some more below on exactly how these skylights an save you money.

No Money Spent on Lighting During the Day

A sun tunnel means that you don’t need to use electricity during the day to light your home.

If you install one in every room that’s a huge saving! You will definitely notice it when your power bill comes in for the quarter.

Sun tunnels can be especially useful if you work from home or have members of your family who spend a good deal of time at home.

In summer with daylight savings the LED light in them won’t even come on til the sun sets after 8 – meaning you’re only paying for a few hours’ worth of lighting.

Position Matters

You need to have a careful think about where you’re going to install your sun tunnel.

You can’t just bang it in anywhere and hope for the best. Ideally you want to place your new skylight in a south-facing or north-facing roof for the best results.

Also, if you have large shade-casting trees in your yard you may want to consider if you remove them or not – as the shade can block the sunlight for the sun tunnel and make the installation a wasted endeavour.

Heating Savings

A good sun tunnel lets in all that nice warm solar heat during the winter months.

If your latest gas bill made you hit the roof then you’ll be glad for a skylight up there next winter!

Think of what you can put that saved money towards – a holiday, a new gadget or toy or maybe towards some more renovations in the future?

Let There Be Light – A Conclusion

A sun tunnel is a skylight with an LED component that comes on when the sun sets.

It may cost a bit to install these innovative lighting solutions in your house at first but you’ll save money down the track.

You won’t spent a cent on lighting during the day, and you’ll spend less on your lighting at night with energy-efficient LEDs.

Just make sure that you install them in the right position and that you don’t have huge trees in your yard which may block out the sun.

You’ll also find that you save money on heating in winter, as the warm solar rays will provide a nice amount of natural heat during the cooler months.