3D Rendering for Real Estate Marketing

Written by Carlo Anderson

The 3D style in visual arts has been around for quite some time, and now it is being applied for real estate marketing for many reasons.

3D rendering simply means creating a three-dimensional image using a computer.

One of the more popular things where 3D rendering is applied would be in animation, like those in feature films of Pixar and Dreamworks such as Toy Story.

Using 3d models & rendering in the construction industry is more preferred than 2D CAD drawings simply because of the more realistic feel to it.

Three-dimensional images can better present size and texture of the object it is representing and is generally more pleasing and interesting.

Reasons why 3D Rendering is a Big Hit in Real Estate

The use of three-dimensional presentations is a big hit in real estate marketing.

It is proven that 3D rendering and real estate are very much compatible especially since these produced images are very versatile in the field.

1. It is more Engaging

Picture this, you are looking to buy a house in a new development that isn’t built yet and the sales rep gives you a brochure.

In the brochure is only 2d black and white blueprints.

Do you think it would sell well? I don’t.

With that said, in real estate marketing, 3D rendering makes way for a more in-depth experience to the audience of the presentation.

The audience, or those who the presentation is being given to, would feel more immersed into a 3D model than with a two-dimensional CAD plan.

It gives a better sense of what the building will look like.

2. It is More Realistic

Marketing real estate is not at all an easy feat.

Property is a big investment and it would be hard to convince audience in buying or investing in a property especially if that certain property is yet to be finished.

To successfully market a house or building, there’s a need to establish its reality.

Take note of the first word in real estate. How can you convince someone to invest in a property by giving them abstract representations?

Figures, statistics, and analytics, might be key points in pitching property, but everything should be founded on the idea that it is real.

Something realistic is definitely more convincing.

3. It is Very Versatile Throughout the Process

3D rendering isn’t only used for real estate marketing; it can be used in construction and designing.

It can be re-purposed along the way because of its realistic and interactive nature.

Have a chat with Render Vision and they can discuss some of the uses for your visuals.

4. Staging: Enhancing an Empty House

Presenting a design for a property that is yet to be constructed isn’t the only purpose of 3D rendering; it can also be used by real estate photographers to enhance existing photographs by adding in 3D furniture.

This is called virtual staging. The traditional way of staging is both very tedious and costly.

Hiring furniture for a day just for photos consumes too much time and resources.

This is where 3D rendering comes in, virtual furniture can be put over pictures of the empty property taken by real estate photographers.

Yes, it’s that simple.

The real estate market has always been very competitive, which is why more are changing their approach to reach out to prospective clients.

Technology, as it does on other lines of business, plays a big part in innovations in real estate Marketing.