How do I take care of my wooden floors?

Guest Post by Trent Anderson

Wooden floors are becoming an increasingly popular choice today.

The reason is simple.

A wooden floor which is looked after will last for many years.

Spills and other damage can be absorbed or even removed and the floor provides an extra layer on insulation.

The better the quality of the flooring the longer it will last. That’s why you should consider French oak flooring.

But, you need to know how to take care of your floor properly or it will soon look just like any other floor:

Clean It Properly

The first step is to ensure you clean the floor regularly and properly.

Wooden floors need to dusted everyday instead of being swept.

You need to use a microfiber cloth which will attract and trap the dirt through a static electric charge.

The cloth will not scratch the floor where a stiff broom can.

It is important to keep the cloth on the floor as much as possible as you clean; this will maximize the dust and dirt removed.

Please note you don’t need to do this on your hands and knees. You can get a microfiber cloth to go on your mop head.


The next step is to vacuum your wooden floors at least once a week.

This will remove any of the dirt and dust that has been missed by the microfiber cloth. but, it is important that you use a soft bristle vacuum head; this will prevent it from scratching the floor.

It is a good idea to use the microfiber cloth first and then the vacuum.

However, you do need to keep an eye on the vacuum cleaner wheels; they could scratch your hardwood floor.


You do need to mop your floor once a week with a damp mop. but, you should never use a wet mop.

It is important to get a product that is designed to clean wooden floors.

You’ll then need to follow the guidelines on the product to ensure you use just enough of the substance to get the floors clean.

The mop must only be damp; wet mopping a hardwood floor can damage its finish and the wood.

Polish It Up

To keep the shine on your wooden floor you’ll need to give the floor a polish every 2 or 3 months.

Again you’ll need to use a product that is specifically designed for it and follow the instructions given on the product.

The aim is to get a shiny floor and you should be able to remove any small scratches with the polish; helping your wooden floor to look like new.

It is also a good idea to consider the amount of sunshine that hits your wooden floors. The UV rays and the heat can damage the wood. If you’re not using a room you may prefer to draw the drapes or close the shutters; this will help to protect your floor.