No Rush To Sign

I hear a lot of people saying the builder has tried to get them to sign the contract at the selection meeting.

They also worry about whether they can change anything.

Don’t Rush

It’s not as though the builder is going to start the next day.

They have got to get the building permits, and then start planning.

It can easily take a couple of months before anything happens on site.and then there is build period of several months.

So what’s a few days extra while you take the contract home and check it?

Can You Change ?

When the Builder gives you the contract to sign what they are doing is making an offer to build your house for a quoted price.

There is nothing to stop you making a counter offer of what you expect them to do for the money.

Both parties are equal in a negotiation to arrive at the final contents of the contract.

The builder has an advantage as they will be Theremuch more experienced than you.

You can even the playing field by taking the time to study the contract and check the specification against what has been previously agreed.

Establish the Rules For The Build

If you quickly sign the Builder may think they will be able to bully you to their advantage during the build.

Taking you time tells them you aren’t going to be pushed around.


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