Conventional or Rimless Toilet

Since Thomas Crapper* refined toilet design over 130 years ago toilets have had a turned over “box’ rim at the top like the one in this photo.
* Yes Thomas Crapper was a real person . . . .check the link on his name.

As I am currently looking at updating our bathroom we have been visiting bathroom shops and found there is a new variation

The Rimless Toilet

Instead of that box rim the inside face of the toilet goes straight up to the top edge.

If you want to see the difference you can watch this video showing a rimless toilet flushing

What are the Advantages?

Well the salesman will tell you because of that annoying box rim at the top of the conventional toilet where bacteria, limescale and grime build up they are harder to clean. . . . Personally I have never found it that hard to give the toilet a quick brush and the clean chlorinated town water will sort out the bacteria..

I think the lack of a rim would make the toilet cheaper to manufacture.


I would have though that there is a risk of a vigorous flush splashing over the top edge with a rimless toilet, something the box rim stops.

With the ‘New Technology’ expect a price premium.

Would I Get One?

Unless the price reflects the simpler manufacturing process I won’t be changing this time!