Freezing A Solar Hot Water System

Before you look at buying a Solar Hot Water System think about the freezing risk.

It might not be a concern in many areas but in Victoria, Tasmania and the colder parts of other states freezing conditions can damage cheaper systems.

What is the Problem?

The more basic systems have the water from the mains flowing through the panels and on to the storage tank, a direct system.

With a prolonged period of temperatures below zero the water can freeze.

As the water freezes it expands stressing the panels and pipes causing leaks.

What is the Solution?

The problem is well understood and can be solved by specifying an indirect system.

These systems use a different liquid to transfer the heat from the panels to the water in the tank, which is kept separate from the water going to your taps

This liquid may be water with an antifreeze additive or even water kept at a lower pressure.


Thanks to Save H20 for alerting me to this issue