How Close Is Too Close

Here is a photo from the ABC Brisbane facebook page

I would say this is far to close.

That space is just going to be a collecting point for spiders and vermin.

I really don’t see the point of wanting a detached house and then having it look like a terraced house.

It is really going to hit the resale value as well.


A good rule of thumb if you want to avoid something like the above photo is plan for a house 2m narrower than the block.

That means you can have a 1m path on either side



2 thoughts on “How Close Is Too Close”

  1. Allotment sizes are ridiculous. As a minimum you need 1.5m on one side and 3.0m on the other. I think block sizes should be in the range 19-22+m wide. Otherwise I have found your comments on various topics as most helpful.

  2. I’m not going to disagree that more than 1m would be good.
    My last new house was a super wide block so the minimum from the boundary was 3m.

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