How to Remove Moss and Mold from Your Roof?

Guest post by Asad Shoaib

If you have seen moss or mold on your roof  which you are worried about, you need to deal with it quickly as it can affect the structural longevity of your roof. 

Here are some of the tips you should follow to remove mold and moss safely and effectively from your roof.

Evaluate the Damage

The first most important thing is to inspect the roof for the damage caused by moss and mold.

You can climb on your roof to inspect it or some of the damages might not be visible with a pair of binoculars from the ground.

Alternatively hire the services of professional roofing contractors for roof repair Macomb county Michigan to perform a mold  removing job.

They know better how to assess the severity of the damage to provide with permanent effective solutions.

Safety Concerns

Once you have inspected the roof damage, you can plan  or the cleaning process taking your safety into account.

Mold and moss removal chemicals can be toxic, so you need to take proper precautionary measures before using any kind of chemicals and cleaners.

You can wear gloves and face shields to protect your hands and eyes from injuries and full length overalls.

You also need to keep your plants protected before you apply bleach on your roof shingles.

Chemical Cleaning

Using chemicals is a riskier yet more effective way of removing the mold than any other regular cleaning method.

The use of harsh chemicals and pressure washing can hoever affect the lifetime of your roof covering.

You need to make sure that the type of shingles you have can withstand the effect of chemicals easily.

If the quality of your roofing materials is already deteriorating, you can opt for other less harmful mixtures or solutions.

However, those solutions would be time-taking and less effective.

Keep Things Ready

You might require some other tools and things to scratch off the unnecessary mold from the shingles.

You need to make sure that you have everything ready beforehand. The things you might need the most would be a garden hose with nozzle spray, ladder, cleaner, and pump spray.


It is also important to invest a little time and efforts in preventive maintenance to avoid further mold growth on your roof.

For that, you can install strips or wires of copper or zinc along with your roof covering.

You can find copper and metal sheets at any store in different lengths and thickness.

Once you have bought them, you need to fix it securely.