I’m Overseas

I’m travelling to Europe until the end of June.

During that time I will be monitoring my E mail . . . . but rather than continuously, it might be once a day.

Sorry if I can’t respond to any requests in the usual timely fashion during this period.


2 thoughts on “I’m Overseas”

  1. Hello Brian,
    I’ve been reading and enjoying some of your articles, thanks for the good and useful info. I wanted to comment on your Outdoor lighting article http://anewhouse.com.au/2017/01/outside-lighting/ but there doesn’t seem to have a option to do so on that page. Anyway here’s the comment/question: are you sure about your figures in comparing lighting costs? You give cost over 10 hours for one and the other for 1 hour, both are given in decimalised dollars rather than cents.
    $0.10 equals 10 cents which over 10 hours is 1 cent an hour for the 4 watt light.
    $0.04 equals 4 cents which is 4 cents an hour for the 37.5 times bigger 150 watt light.
    Did you possibly mean 1 cent per hour verses 40 cents jwrichards1@gmail.com per hour?
    Kind regards, James.

    1. You are quite correct I must have confused myself, and I have now corrected it thanks.

      The reason you couldn’t comment is that Iclose comments on a post after 3 months to reduce the amout of spam comments I have to deal with.

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