5 Budget-Friendly Tips for a Perfect Aussie Bedroom Makeover

Guest Post by Andre Smith

Getting inspiration for redecorating your bedroom can sometimes be a daunting task.

According to scientists, we spend almost 26 years of our lives sleeping.

Of course, we won’t be spending 26 years in our own beds, but it certainly means we spend quite some time sleeping, napping or daydreaming in our bedrooms.

This is why it is important to make sure that after renovation, your sleeping environment is pleasant to be in, abundant with light, with furniture that suits your taste.

Keep reading to find out more about our 5 tips for transforming your bedroom into your safe haven.

Brighter Bedroom Means Brighter Life

If you increase the natural light in your bedroom, it can really make a difference when it comes to your mood.

The easiest way to enrich your room with light is having large windows that draw natural light in.

However, if a major renovation like this is not possible, we provide alternatives, so your room looks brighter and well-lit.

One way to make your bedroom appear brighter is to hang mirrors on the walls.

This easy trick can visually enlarge and embellish your room and walls since mirrors reflect light.

Another way is to incorporate metallic or shimmery accessories into the bedroom design, which will artificially create reflections and at the same time, add more light to it.

Go for Lighter Flooring

When opting for a colour scheme for your bedroom floor, try choosing softer wooden colours for your flooring to get that bigger room illusion.

On the contrary, dark wood flooring makes the room smaller since it absorbs the light, rather than reflects it.

A great example of this particular bright colour is this Ecosa bed base, which is not only stylish, but it is easy to match with the rest of the interior of your bedroom.

Our advice is not to mix different types of wood for your furniture pieces, but rather choose one, preferably lighter wood, and stick with it.

This way you give your room more coherence and consistency and create a more luxurious and spacious look for your bedroom.

Add More Colour and Texture to Your Bedroom

Unlike our previous advice to choose one pattern and hold on to it, accessories are a whole different story.

As far as accessories like lamps, carpets, paintings or pillows are concerned, our advice is to play with different colours, shapes and designs.

A fuzzy, colourful carpet can easily become the centerpiece of the room and immediately brighten up the entire space.

You can show off your artistic side with a vivid painting, and yet stay true to your own style.

Vibrant colours accompanied with lighter wood inject personality into the bedroom and the colour contrast enhances the decorative features of the accessories.

After all, your room is your canvas and a medium for expressing your creativity.

Accentuate the Most Dominant Wall in the Room

Before painting the walls, our recommendation is to choose an “accent wall”.

This is usually the wall that is located above the headboard and its colour is different than the colour of the other walls.

In order for the room to look larger and the furniture dimensions smaller, the walls should be painted green, blue or purple (or some other cool colour of your choice).

These deeper colours will draw attention to the wall and open up the rest of the room.

The colour of the “accent wall” can also go well with the colour of your bed sheets, throw cushions or curtains.

It is not carved in stone that the wall has to be that particular wall against your headboard; it can also be the ceiling or some other random wall.

However, pay attention when deciding on the “accent wall”, and place the furniture carefully.

The furniture arrangement shouldn’t take away from the primary purpose of the wall, and that is to widen the room and balance out the proportions of the furniture and the size of the space.

Arrange Furniture to Suit Your Room

Layout of the room and furniture arrangement is important for increasing the functionality of the room and maximising its space.

Of course, the bed is usually the largest furniture piece in the room.

General advice is to place the bed against the wall in the center of the room, to give it a more balanced look.

However, you have the freedom to experiment and see what works best for you.

A bed in the corner may take up more space, but it can certainly liven up the room by giving it a more romantic look.

A bed located opposite the door is a very classical and practical choice, but somehow not as intimate as the previously mentioned ones.

It is desirable to put your own stamp on the room, but try not to cramp stuff up in the room, since you don’t want it to become an airless and claustrophobic environment.


These tips and tricks can help you achieve a perfect harmony in your bedroom.

It is similar to a relationship; the more you nurture your bedroom and take care of it, the more positive vibes it gives off.

It is a very personal and intimate space where you spend a lot of your time, so keeping the room clean and tidy can also affect the atmosphere.

What is the style of your room?

Do you lean toward minimalism, boho style or is your bedroom design industrial?

Depending on the answers, our tips and tricks can be curated around your favourite colours, style and the look you are going for.