Twin Basins – Is It Worth It?

basinsWhen we first came to Australia and started looking at display houses we often saw En-Suites with two wash basins.

We thought it looked fairly classy so that’s what we got in our first Australian new house.

Ever since we have always gone for a single basin. . . here’s why:

  • We found that we are never in the bathroom at the same time.  Even when we used to travel to work together I always got up first to take the dog for a walk which gave my wife a clear run.
  • Having a single basin gives more counter space on the vanity. (sometimes too much!)  We do have fairly strict demarcation lines. My wife’s stuff is on the left and my stuff is only allowed on the right.
  • Having one basin with only one set of waste plumbing leaves more room in the vanity cupboards for fresh towels, hair dryer, toilet rolls, spare toiletries, etc, etc.
  • Cost saving of basin, tap fittings, and labour. Even with basic fittings this gave us a few hundred dollars we could use on things we really wanted. If you have expensive plumbing fittngs the savings could be thousands!

Will you have twin basins in your new house?


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