7 Ways To Allergy Proof Your Bedroom

Guest Post by Dennis Hamming

Allergies and nasal congestion can make it hard to get a good night’s sleep.

If you suffer from allergies, you might find that your symptoms get worse at night.

Waking up repeatedly because your nose is stuffy or because you’re struggling to catch your breath is a good indication that you need to get your nighttime allergies under control.

Chances are, allergens within your bedroom are the cause of your nightt ime troubles. With a few simple changes, you can get rid of those pesky allergens and reclaim your nights.

Get rid of the carpet

Your carpet might look clean, but even if you vacuum regularly, dust mites, dirt, dander, and pet fur can all get trapped within the deep fibers of your carpet.

Hard-surface flooring, such as hardwood or laminate, are easier to completely remove allergens from.

You can always cozy up your hard-surface floors by investing in low pile rugs, which are less likely to trap allergens than carpet.

If you absolutely cannot get rid of your carpet, get it steam cleaned regularly.

Cut out the clutter

It can be hard to keep your room free from dust when the dust is regularly collecting on all of your knickknacks.

Most people can get away with dusting their bedroom once a week, but if you suffer from allergies, the dust still might irritate you.

Getting rid of clutter around your room helps prevent unnecessary dust from collecting on your belongings. You don’t need to get rid of everything.

Keep a few pieces that bring you joy and donate the rest.

Use an air-filtration system

Air quality matters.

Dirt and other allergens get stuck within your vents and then circulate throughout your home.

This can be particularly bad at night, especially if you keep your bedroom door closed.

If you have an existing Air conditioner unit, make sure to regularly change your filters to help keep your air clean.

Another alternative is an air purifier as these small machines are designed to circulate air within a room.

Keep the pets out

If you regularly let your pooch or kitty sleep on your bed, you’re inviting all sorts of allergens into your bed.

Dander and fur shed from your pets and get into your bedding.

Ideally, your pet will stay out of your room all together.

Keep the door closed so that allergens from your pet don’t end up on your floor or bed.

If you absolutely must let your pet into your room, teach them to stay on the floor.

Invest in hypoallergenic covers

While it is easy to wash your comforter and sheets to get rid of allergens, it isn’t so easy to wash your mattress and pillows.

Hypoallergenic mattresses exist, but if you need a less expensive way to get your allergies under control, consider a hypoallergenic mattress pad or a dust mite cover.

No matter if you’re in the market for a king-size mattress cover, XL mattress pads, or a pillowcase, you’re sure to find the right solution that will keep your bed allergen-free.

Choose easy to clean materials

Choose the furnishings in your room wisely.

Upholstered headboards might look nice — but they also trap allergens.

Stay away from cloth or upholstered furniture and instead choose furniture that can be easily wiped down.

If you do have upholstered furniture in your bedroom, make sure to vacuum it regularly.

You should also avoid using heavy curtains.

Use metal blinds that can easily be wiped clean and/or lightweight cotton curtains that can easily be thrown into the wash.

Close the windows

Leaving your windows open is a great way to circulate fresh air throughout your house!

It is also a great way to introduce allergens into your house.

Outdoor allergens such as weed pollen make their way into your house and land on your bedding and furniture, which triggers those nighttime allergies.

As tempting as leaving the window open might be, keep it shut!

To help circulate air within your room, use a ceiling fan or tower fan instead but make sure to regularly dust your fan to prevent dust build-up on the blades.

In summary

Nighttime allergies can put a damper on your overall health, especially if you aren’t sleeping well at night.

Start making changes throughout your bedroom so that you can sleep better at night.

Consciously choosing furniture and materials that can be easily cleaned, keeping your pets out, and using an air purification system are all good ways to eliminate allergens from your bedroom.



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  1. Vera

    I used to have night time allergies, like you advised, I put out my floor carpet and did quite a number of things ,but my allergy didn’t go away, until I took out time to properly clean my house; this included getting molds out of my windows, cleaning the AC unit, thoroughly cleaning the pet (dog) area.

    After I did these, my allergy was gone and i had to bring back my floor carpet and the allergy didn’t return again. I think it’s also about thoroughness and looking at those areas of the house that are usually overlooked.

    i hope this helps some one out there.

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