Turf Preparation

Guest Post by Andrej Kovačević

Most people want to see a quick garden when they move into their new house. . . but they are faced with a clayey mess.

That makes turf very popular . . . . but it doesn’t mean its instant!

If you are going to have a quality lawn you do need to spend some time on preparation before laying the turf.

Ordering Your Turf

Before you start you need to think about the type of turf you want and where you want to get it from.

Although I am a big spender at Bunnings I wouldn’t buy turf from there.

I would be talking to a quality turf supplier who can provide me with good advice on turf varieties and deliver freshly cut turf.

You don”t want to buy turf that has been cut for a week or more.


Its going to take at least three weeks before you will be ready to lay the turf

Step One – Kill the weeds Use a good quality herbicide and leave for at least 10 days for the weeds to die off.

Step 2 – Excavate and Fill Usually with a new house the ground surface will be different to the finished lawn surface you want to you need to move the subsoil. Aim for the finished subsurface to be around 150mm below the finished lawn level.

Step 3 – Check the pH The target soil pH for turf is between 5.5 and 6.5.

Step 4 – Spread the Topsoil  Spread a good quality topsoil and lightly compact. Aim for a finished level 25-30mm below finished lawn level.

You are now ready to receive your turf delivery!

Laying Turf

  • Use an overlapping pattern ensuring that the rolls are staggered
  • Butt and push ends together tightly without stretching.
  • Fill any gaps between the turf rolls with topsoil.
  • Cut excess turf  using a knife or or sharp blade.
  • Roll the turf to ensure it has even contact with the soil.

Initial Care

Keep off the grass for the first 4 weeks but make sure its adequately watered.

You should then be ready for regular mowing/