Ways to Warm Up a Cold Sleeper

Guest Post by Dennis Hamming

When it comes to getting enough sleep, keeping your room at an ideal temperature is necessary. If a room is too hot, you’ll wake up sweating and miserable. If a room is too cold, you’ll wake up shivering and freezing. 

Luckily, keeping a cold sleeper warm isn’t that hard. With a few simple strategies, they can stay nice and warm while they’re sleeping. 

Buy warm bedding

When it comes to buying bedding, look for fleece or wool blankets.

These materials help keep you warm because they trap and retain your body heat.  

As far as sheets flannel material, are soft, and will keep you toasty at night.

When it comes to Doonas, down is always a popular choice for cold sleepers.

Some people are happy with just a one doona on their bed, while others like a sheet under the doona.

The most important layer is the doona, or comforters if you are shopping on a  USA based website.

These are more expensive than blankets, so many buy a warm one for winter and a lightweight one for summer.

A cold sleeper might only need to purchase a warm one, such as the ones found at mybedcomfortor.com  

Wear cozy socks

The right pair of socks can make a difference.

Our feet and hands help us maintain stable body temperature. When the feet are warm, the rest of the body will feel warmer as well.

For cold sleepers, a pair of basic cotton socks is better than wearing no socks to bed.

However, some of the best types of socks for cold sleepers include wool socks socks.

These materials help retain heat, which can help keep feet warm, especially if you move a lot and your feet stick out of the bed!

Electric blanket 

These can be either the type that pre-warms the bed or ones you can leave on all night.

Whichever one you choose I would recommend that if you are sharing a bed that you get a unit where you can adjust each side separately.

This allows each person to set their comfort level

In summary 

If you find yourself constantly waking up freezing or shivering when you’re not sick, you are a cold sleeper.

To get a good night’s sleep, you’re going to need to find a way to stay warm at night.

Choosing the right bedding is a good starting point, but there are also other strategies you can use.