Why Are Home Security Systems Necessary?

Guest Post by Ruby Anne

The world has become so dangerous that if you do not take any precautionary measures, you may end up getting burgled or in worst cases—getting hurt in burglary incidents.

Many people  still cannot see why such home security systems are essential and  may consider this as additional expenses without anything to give back in return.

With that being said, a home security system is an important safeguard.

It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

A home security system does not only provide protection—it gives you peace of mind particularly if through reliable experts like Casa Security.

Lots of Options

Finding a good home security system can be difficult.

The market offers competitive packages and this can be quite overwhelming to look at if you have to consider which features are necessary for your household.

Therefore, we should take a look at the different types of security systems and identify which of these may be best suited for you and your household.

Local Alarm System

This is the most basic among all the home security systems that you can get.

They are usually un-monitored and very simple to operate.

They have sensors that you have to put on doors and windows. Its sensors have two parts that are somewhat similar to the wireless and wired systems. Its concept is quite simple.

When the circuit gets broken, an alarm sounds. This sound usually comes from the sensor itself.

With local alarms, you do not have to worry about the cost.

They can be found at many department stores and online stores costing around a hundred dollars per sensor.

They can be the most cost-effective among all the security systems but they are the weakest.

While they can be easily installed, they can easily be deactivated as well.

It’s really a minimal option if you only need something as a temporary option.

Wired Alarm System

This is the most conventional option that many people trust.

It includes a control panel, and can include sensors, motion detectors and cameras.

When someone trips any part of the system, an external alarm will set off.

If you have someone who monitors the system for you, they can immediately contact you and emergency services units if necessary.

You don’t have to worry much about batteries since this is a wired system but with Australian regulations you will need to use a professional installer.

Because of the need to run cables this is more suited to new houses, or ones that are being substantially remodeled.

Wireless Alarm System

Although this is similar to wired alarm system, the wireless communication means the installation cause less disruption, with no wires.

If the system is also monitored, you and the authorities will be notified.

This option is popular with existing homeowners and even renters.

However, the details still depend on the provider you have chosen for monitoring and the system you have at home.

Although you can install wireless systems if you can follow the instruction manual  hiring a professional to install it for you means that you can be assured that it is done right.

Because system works on batteries it means that you have to remember to replace them with high-quality batteries once every couple of years.

Its price per unit is also usually higher than the local and wired systems.


It may be hard to decide which one to use but you should consider what type of property you are protecting.

If you are renting a place, a wireless system is the best one so it will be easy for you to take them with you.

The same goes for apartments and units because they are easy to install.

If you own a business, or have a substantial home, having a wired and wireless security system is a good option.