What Separates Great Electricians From Good Electricians?

Guest Post by Pratik Dalshi

Generally, every electrician knows how to install, diagnose, and repair electrical systems, switchboards, cables, wirings, and anything that runs on electricity.

Each technician has also completed their Australian apprenticeship, gained their qualification, and holds a license to operate. 

All these factors certainly make a good electrician.

But do you want to hire a GOOD electrician to handle one of the most important systems in your home or business? . . . . Or do you want to hire a GREAT one?

Of course, to get the best results you need the best people for the job. . . .but how will you know?

Well, here’s a guide on how to determine which electricians are good and which ones are great. 

Top 4 Differences Between a Good Electrician and a Great Electrician

1. Safety

Being an electrician is a high-risk occupation.

Any error in the installation or maintenance of power systems may result in damages in your property

More importantly it could result in injury or death which is why safety is their highest concern.

Good electricians can guarantee you a properly functioning system that follows safety codes as they have the necessary knowledge about safety protocols and procedures before conducting any job.

But for great electricians, safety is not only a rule they follow but it’s part of their culture.

They make sure that they go through regular training to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest health and safety practices and standards.

They also take it up a notch and work with other organizations that can help them achieve their safety goals. 

So if you want to make sure that your property is fully protected, choose a great electrician. 

2. Experience

Since working with electricity is dangerous, you should choose someone who has practical experience in your type of work. 

This way, you can be at ease knowing that your electrician knows what he is doing

This doesn’t mean that fresh graduates can’t handle simple jobs, but choosing an experienced electrician does eliminate the risks of faulty work. 

There are many good technicians with a lot of experience.

But if you want the best, look for those with decades of experience.

This means that they have pretty much seen, repaired, and attended to every problem there is with electrical systems, so you can trust them to fix and accomplish any job that involves electricity. 

3. Scope of Skills

Good electricians are knowledgeable and skilled in the most common electrical projects.

This includes light fixtures and chandeliers, outlet, ceiling fans, electrical panels, circuit breakers, outdoor lighting, wiring, and other electrical fixtures. 

On the other hand, great electricians are experts in every field.

They can work on everything mentioned above plus more such as smart homes.  

4. Guarantee

If you’re hiring an electrician for a job, you’d want it done right and fast.

After the job, you expect everything to run smoothly with no problem.

Of course, you don’t want to pay more for issues that were not addressed.

A good electrician will provide you with a guarantee that spans for at least a year for his work so  if anything goes wrong with the electrical problem he attended to, you have this specific period to call him again to resolve issues. 

While that’s already good, this doesn’t stand a chance with what a great electrician can offer.

Usually, the best electricians, like Electrician To The Rescue, trust their workmanship so much that they give their clients a lifetime guarantee.

That’s right. If you hire a great electrician to fix any of your electrical problems, expect it to get fixed for life!

Additionally, great electricians are backed with insurance. This is important when choosing who to hire for liability reasons. So if you want to have peace of mind, make sure that you’re dealing with great professionals

Electrician To The Rescue is Sydney’s first choice when it comes to electrical services. They have over 35 years of experience and offer a 100% lifetime guarantee for our workmanship.

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