5 Ways To Maintain a Clean Outdoor Eating Area

Guest Post by Pratik Dalshi

Having an outdoor eating area provides you with a huge benefit.

When the weather’s hot and warm, it’s much nicer to sit outside while enjoying their food or drinks and enjoy the environment.

However, while having an outdoor eating area does offer many benefits, it can cause you  problems when it’s not clean.

An untidy outdoor area attracts bugs, birds, and other pests – which then poses a health risk.

To help you here are some of the best ways to maintain a clean outdoor eating area.

1. Clean the area right away

After your guests leave, make sure to clean the area immediately.

Remove plates, cutlery, and food scraps and wipe the tabletop right away after use.

Also, don’t forget to keep the ground free of any food particles, crumbs, or trash.

Finally, clean any spills you see. Pests are attracted to even the tiniest speck of food so keeping your outdoor space meticulously clean is key.

2. Keep grass mowed

If there is grass, vines, bushes, or any other kinds of plants in and around your area, keep them well mowed and trimmed.

They serve as the best hiding spots for pests when not maintained properly.

From greenery, pests can quickly come out, get food, and go back into hiding. These pests can include ants, rodents, birds, and even ticks.

Aside from mowing and trimming your plants, make sure to check your plants regularly for pests. This way, you can prevent any kind of infestation before they can create damage to your outdoor area.

3. Bird Removal

While all these methods can certainly help keep your outdoor area clean, they are not enough to keep some of the most stubborn pests around – birds.

roof colourStarling, Myna, pigeons, and other types of birds tend to nest around buildings and establishments.

And this results in bird droppings everywhere!

Not only is this an ugly sight but it might also affect a person’s health as they can carry several diseases including Salmonella, Ornithosis, and E.Coli.

Birds are also noisy and they pose many safety risks. . . . For instance, since they foul pavements frequently, this can cause people to slip.

Also, during their breeding season birds, particularly Magpies, can attack  to protect their young.

Bird roosting and nesting sites attract insects like beetles, bird mites, and fleas. . . So if you want to keep your outdoor area clean and clear of pests, make sure to seek help from commercial bird removal experts.

4. Keep trash away

As you know, trash is the best way to attract pests.

While you can’t avoid accumulating trash, you can keep it away from your outdoor area or any other eating areas at that.

This will keep your outdoor area looking and smelling clean, and it will keep pests away.

You should also make sure that all your trash bins are securely sealed.

This helps to remove the temptation for ants, birds, rodents, and other wildlife and keep them as far away from your outdoor and indoor eating areas as possible.

5. Clear standing water

Standing water is not only messy to look at but it also attracts pests, especially mosquitoes.

Avoid this by clearing standing water immediately.

This means emptying water from the pot drain pans, cleaning downspouts and gutters, and properly maintaining ponds, fountains, or other water features in your area.