Safe Hot Water

Did you know that around 90 Australian children are admitted to hospital each year due to scalds from the water from the tap, with many will requiring skin grafts.

Disabled and the elderly are also more at risk of scalding injury.

The water doesn’t have to be boiling!

Water at a temperature of 65 degrees C will cause full thickness burns in 1 second, even at 60 degrees it only takes 5 seconds.

Those boiling water taps (pictured) for making tea are particularly dangerous

Solar hot water systems can be a problem particularly  in summer

They can heat water up to much higher temperatures than the normal maximum of 65 degrees for gas or electric hot water systems.

Making it Safe

If you have a gas or electric system set the maximum temperature to 50 degrees C. If you are not sure on how to do this get a plumber to make the adjustment.

This will not only improve safety but save you money as the system won’t loose heat as fast.

If you have a solar hot water system make sure the tempering valve is fitted and set it at 50 degrees which will automatically mix cold water with the hot water if the hot water is above the preset temperature.

If you ‘must’ have a boiling water tap do set it right at the back of the counter where tiny fingers can’t reach!


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