Best Tips to Help You Avoid a Burst Water Pipe in Australia

                       Guest Post by Asad Shoaib

The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is damaged or burst water pipes.

The point to ponder is that what causes a water pipe to burst?

If you detect the possible reasons for the burst water pipe, you can deal with them more effectively.

The most common reason for a burst water pipe in Australia in the colder states is freezing temperatures.

So, the pipes which are associated with the outer walls of a home are more likely to get damaged.

However, if you take preventive measures, you can avoid the pipe being burst.

Here are a few best tips mentioned that can help you avoid a burst water pipe in Australia.

Keep the Heat On

If you are going to leave the house for a long time, it is better to keep the heat on.

You can also automate the heating system to ensure that it stays on in your absence.

If you have rental property, you can ask your tenants to do the same.

However, it might be difficult for you to convince them as it will cause them to pay higher utility bills,but if you try to explain the reason to them, they might cooperate with you to avoid any significant loss later.

Also, it is not necessary to keep the temperature as high as you would have in your presence; instead, you can set it above 50 F.

It will help provide enough heat to the pipes to keep them warmer.

Keep the Cabinet Doors Open

If you have the pipes located inside the cabinets, you should keep the cabinet doors open in the winter season.

It will allow the heat of the rest of the house to enter inside the cabinet to keep the pipes warmer.

Keep the other interior doors open as well to let the heat travel all over the place. It is one of the best practice that can save you from disastrous consequences.

Seal Holes and Cracks

If there are any holes or cracks in the walls, ceilings, and floors of your home, you should seal them immediately to prevent the cold air from letting in.

You can use insulation or caulk to cover these gaps. Don’t forget to fill them correctly from both the exterior and interior side.

Heating Tape

Heating tape is another effective way that can help supply the heat to those pipes which are at higher risk for freezing.

So, you can install the heating tape on the easily accessible pipes.

However, the type of heating tape you choose should help detect the problem beforehand.

For instance, you can use a heating tape that turns on itself whenever the heat is needed.

The other type of heating tape is manual that you will have to plug in to give warmth to the pipes and unplug when they are warm enough.

These products can be risky, so it is better if you use the directions of the manufacturer carefully.

Water Shutoff Solution

A lot of homeowners are never able to detect how and why water pipes burst.

The best option for such homeowners is a water shutoff solution that responds automatically by sensing a burst pipe.

It shuts off the water supply immediately to avoid flooding and the excessive loss of water.

It is a costly solution, but it is going to be worth it in the end as it can help save a lot of your money and time. 

Professional Help

You can also take professional help by hiring a renowned and licensed plumber.

It is better if the plumber locates somewhere near your living area in Australia.

It will help ensure that he will be available to provide his services in case of emergency. Also, an expert plumber can detect the pipe burst beforehand to prevent it from happening.

Home Insurance

Even after taking all the necessary precautions, you might have to face the burst water pipe.

So, it is suggested to check beforehand whether your home is insured or not to make sure that it covers the costly repairs.

This way, you won’t have to pay the bills from your pocket when any damage occurs.

However, if your insurance doesn’t cover the expenses caused by natural reasons, you need to update the insurance policy at once.

Most of the insurers cover the damage caused by burst pipes, but not if they feel like you haven’t taken care of them properly. . . . So, you must also keep checking them regularly to detect the hidden signs.