10 Things Before You Pay The Deposit

OK you have looked round lots of show houses and found one you like.

The sales representative is now asking for a $500, or more, initial deposit.

Do you pay straight away?……..Well you are currently in your best position to negotiate so don’t rush!

10 Actions

Here is what I would do next:

  1. Tell them you need a week to think about it.
  2. For the house you like get copies of all the Floor Plans, facade plans, specification and standard list of inclusions. (Once you have got the plans don’t think you can shop them around other builders)
  3. Walk through the Show House again checking what fixtures and fittings are extras so you understand the difference between what you will get and what you might have thought you will get.
  4. Take the plans and specification home and go through every room one by one to help you decide if the rooms including fixtures and fittings are what you want.
  5. Make a list of all the changes you want, for instance:

It will be easier, and cheaper, to make the changes before you commit!

6. Go back to the representative and ask them to price the changes.

7. Remember that there will still be extra costs such as site works, fences paths etc. See “What Will It Cost?” for typical details so make sure you will be able to afford the estimated price, with some extra for things you forgot! You don’t want to be paying a loan on a Ghost House.

8. If you are happy with the price pay the deposit and you are on your way.

Limited Time Offers!

Some builders make limited time offers to get you to sign up quickly.

I’ve never let this rush me . . . as at the end of one offer they always seem to have another ‘Offer’ of similar value.

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