Advantages of Downsizing

It’s now eight years since we downsized. . . . so what are the advantages?

  • The move meant that we released over $100,000 of capital which meant that we became debt free.
  • The smaller house meant utility bills dropped.
  • Rates reduced.
  • As we live in a retirement village there are always people around during the day which makes theft very unlikely.
  • Somebody else does the lawnmowing.
  • We still have a bedromm where my grandaughter can stop overnight.
  • As we have been still active and are now well established, we have friends both inside and outside the retirment village.

Yes we did have to get rid of lots of things before we moved . . . but the truth was they were things like books we weren’t going to read again, and furniture that had hardly been used for years.


Don’t leave it too late before you downsize.