How to prepare your Queensland home for storms

Guest Post by Asad Shoaib

photo from Wickimedia Commons

Queensland is the state in Australia that is most impacted by a natural disaster, exposing the homes to frequent damage from disastrous storms and cyclones.

People often get late to realize that they don’t have insurance cover for their assets and property.

This could be devastating and extremely costly if you don’t prepare your home well for the storm.

While it is not in our hands to stop the storm, there are several important steps that homeowners in Queensland can take to save and protect their property from natural disasters such as storms and cyclones.

General maintenance

The first thing about preparing your home from the storm is general maintenance.

Various things need to be checked including inspecting the roof condition and fixing any loose tiles, eaves, and screws.

Ensure that the downpipes and gutters are free of debris or leaves so that the water drains quickly.

Professional plumbers can help with blocked drains Gold Coast so that you are well prepared for upcoming storms.

Moreover, you need to cut off any hanging branches nearby your house and protect any movable thing on the exterior of your house and in your backyard that can damage your property if blown in forceful winds.

Check for insurance

Before a storm is approaching, it is suggested to recheck the insurance coverage to ensure that your house, vehicle, and other item’s insurance is suitable and up to date.

Irrespective of the season, it is a great idea to be mindful of the insurance coverage of your house and vehicle and where the documents are.

So, keep the documents handy and if possible upload scanned copies to the cloud.

Get some time to ensure that everything in your home is covered that has to be insured.

Protect roofs and windows

The major area where the storm affects is the roof of your house so you need to check if it is in good condition and doesn’t have any damaged or loose tile.

If there is any such issue, fix it up.

During the storm, tiled roofs can be the issue as they can shatter and damage the ceiling, walls and create holes in the roof that will let rain in.

Windows of a house are also vulnerable areas because sealing can weaken with time, generating an open area for water.

You need to inspect the sealing and if necessary replace it.

Make sure that the windows are in the best condition to avoid damage during a storm. It is essential to regularly maintain your house to avoid as much storm damage as possible.

Keep pets indoors

It is essential to keep your pets indoors in a safe, comfortable, and secure environment.

Make sure that your animals are wearing their ID tags and the microchip data is up to date.

Preparation is everything

In case you are in a rural or remote area and there is only a single road to move in and out of the area and a tree collapses, it will take days to reach the nearby store.

In such areas, power cuts are also common issues while storm occurs. Therefore, it is essential to have a substitute for an electricity source.

Save your vehicles

People often complain that the hailstorm damaged their cars, so it is good to protect your vehicle under cover when a storm is approaching.

In case you don’t have access to an undercover shelter to save your vehicle, you can save the car by securing it with strongly tied blankets to reduce the hail damage.

Stay up to date

Stay updated by listening to the news and updates on the local radio stations and listens to the safety messages and warnings.

In case things get out of control, it is best to decide on a room beforehand where you can take shelter.

The right room is the smallest one in your home with fewer windows as it is generally a strong room and the best place to save yourself in such a situation.

At times, it becomes impossible to prevent the damage caused by storms while in many cases we can reduce or prevent the damage by preparing your home for storms in Queensland.