How much is the average water bill in Australia?

Guest Post by Kamill

Water is one of those bills we all reluctantly pay from the day we first move out and continue to pay for decades to come.

So what is the average water bill in Australia? . . .and how is it calculated?

We’ll be covering this and breaking down the average water bill for each state’s water bills in Australia.

How are water rates calculated?

Your water rates are calculated in two parts – a fixed supply charge and a variable charge based on your home’s water usage.

Fixed Supply Charge

Your water supplier charges you an annual cost to have access to the water mains. This is evenly split across your quarterly water bills.

Supply charges vary between each state and can be as little as $40 and go all the way up to $270!

Variable Water Consumption Rate

The second portion of your water bill is variable based on your household’s water usage. Each state’s primary water supplier varies differently in exactly how this part works.

Generally speaking, you’re charged per kilolitre of water you use.

Your water supplier reads your water meter every quarter (roughly 90 days) and uses this reading to calculate the variable portion of your water bills.

Naturally, we use more water in summer than we do in winter so you can expect to pay more per quarter in the warmer months and less in the winter.

Average Water Bills By State

Research by Canstar Blue in 2020 found that the average quarterly water bill in Australia overall amounted to $288. That’s $22 a week, $96 per month and $1,152 per year.

When we break it down to individual states, however, the numbers vary significantly:

  • Western Australia – $234 quarterly, $936 annually
  • New South Wales – $246 quarterly, $984 annually
  • Victoria – $259 quarterly, $1036 annually
  • Queensland – $300 quarterly, $1200 annually
  • South Australia – $324 quarterly, $1296 annually
  • Tasmania – $365 quarterly, $1460 annually

Based on these averages, Hobart residents are paying 35% more for their water than those in Perth.

When considering the cost of your home’s water, you need to consider the energy it costs to heat water too.

This means taking into consideration the price of gas or electricity for your water heater.

The cost of utilities also varies from state to state.

This means Adelaide hot water bills will be very different than Brisbane bills, which will differ from Perth!

Are your water charges considerably higher than these average water bills?

You could install water-efficient fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen and only use your washing machine and dishwasher when they are full.

If your water bill is suddenly much higher than your usual bill but you haven’t increased your water use, then you might have sprung a leak somewhere!

It’s time to call a plumber to locate and repair this leak before you’re up for another big water bill and potentially water damage repairs too.