How to pest-proof your house?

Guest Post by Martin William

Pests are a menace that can lead to various problems.

Apart from deteriorating your living conditions, pests are a threat to your health.

Some health issues related to pests include respiratory problems, infections, food and skin allergies, food poisoning, etc.

Hence, if you witness an ongoing pest problem in your house, it is best to take the following precautions:

Clean the rain gutters

The rain gutters prevent water from pooling on the roof.

However, if the gutters are dirty, it can lead to the accumulation of leaves, dirt, and debris.

Pigeons and other birds may make their nest in the gutters and cause a bird problem on the roof of your house.

Also, dirty gutters can be home to various insects, so try to clean your gutters every month or so.

Check the plumbing

Holes and gaps in plumbing can provide pests a point of entry.

To avoid this from happening, have a plumber check your plumbing and fill the gaps.

Moreover, seal any opening or repair the plumbing if it is required.

Clean kitchen

A dirty kitchen is bound to attract pests because it provides a food source for them.

Rats, rodents, and cockroaches can eat leftover food and contaminate it as well.

It can lead to the spread of various diseases.

It is best to remove any leftover food and dispose of it.

Clean the countertops every day to clean the crumbs and other debris.

Likewise, mop the floor and be sure to clean the cabinets every once in a while.

Hire an expert pest control service

Particular types of pests, such as termites, can be hard to control.

Hence, you may require the help of a pest control service for termite treatments.

They will identify the points of entry and try to block them.

Moreover, they will trap and remove pests from the premises.

Since pest control services have the experience, they have the necessary equipment and skills to remove pests from the premises.

They will safely remove the pest without it causing harm to anyone.

Seal the windows and doors

A lot of the time, pests make entry through cracks and gaps in the windows and doors.

Moreover, they may find entry through the basement and attic.

Hence, make sure that the sealings around windows and doors are in place.

Repair the seal if necessary. You can even use caulk for sealing.

Avoid dampness

Rain and snow can lead to a rise in moisture in your house.

Pests, such as insects, are likely to be found in such damp areas.

It is best to keep your home dry. Extreme rain conditions may lead to flooding in your basement and can cause dampness.

Moreover, leaking fixtures in the bathrooms, such as showerheads and taps, can also attract bugs.

Hence, have a plumber fix these.


These few tricks can help keep pests at bay. However, if you have a persistent pest problem, it is best to hire an expert.

It will cost you, but it is a better solution for you.