Privacy Fail

46 Privacy Fail - Johnson House

How would you feel about living in this house?

  • Boiling hot all day when thew sun shines!
  • Enormous heating bills in the winter due to the low heat insulation provided by the glass.
  • As for privacy well that’s absolutely zero. At least the bathroom is in that circular brick structure so you can go to the toilet in peace.

This house is actually one of the most famous homes in the world in architectural circles, and is known as the ‘Glass House.”

It was built for his own use by the well known architect Philip Johnson, in 1949.

Although I wouldn’t like to live in it it’s interesting as an example of what happens when a designer goes to the extremes.

It gets around some of the problems by being in the middle of private parkland, and having another “Brick House’ linked to it.

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