5 Tips For A Stunning Backyard Makeover

Guest post by Kendra Winston


If you’re one of those homeowners lucky enough to have space for a backyard, then make the most out of it.

Your backyard should be more than just a space where you put plants in random areas, and then neglect them later on.

Especially now that many of us are still spending more time at home than usual, your backyard should be like your personal oasis.

It’s your retreat and your space to have a breath of fresh air.

When you need to have that break from keeping yourself indoors too much, you and your entire family should be able to utilize your backyard as a space to relax, play, have fun, and even dine.

To help you bring new life to your backyard, here are some of the most effective tricks and techniques used by experienced landscapers:

Trim Your Plants And Trees

As you go through your yard, also do an inventory of the plants that you have.

Perhaps there are those that need to be trimmed, while there may be aging trees that have to be removed by a tree removal Sydney.

For the plants that are getting too messy, then a good trim may be all it takes to make your garden look fresh and new again.

For instance, if vines are all over the place on your fence reaching to your house’s walls, then it may look worn out and creepy.

Taking off the vines can make your entire yard look more inviting.

Start With A Pre-Makeover Checklist

Just like any other home improvement project, the last thing that you’ll want is to be all over the place.

You’ve got to be able to reinvent your garden in such a way that everything you do fits and works with what you have.

This begins with a good plan and a pre-makeover checklist.

When you have one, it creates a solid foundation by which you’ve got a means to assess the work that’s completed on your garden.

Here’s an example of the pre-makeover checklist that you’ll first need to start with:

        • Are there any existing trees and planted areas you wish to preserve?
        • Is the land flat, or sloping?
        • Is there an external water supply, if you wish to install a water feature, an outdoor faucet or even better yet, a swimming pool?
        • Are there any existing small ‘buildings’ you’d like to preserve like a shed or storage space, perhaps?

Go Full-On With Plants

There’s a reason why there’s all this fuss now about plants.

You can’t say you’ve got a living garden if it doesn’t have an abundance of plants.

If your garden is all flat grass, then this just won’t work.

You need to create depth and dimension by adding different kinds of plants.

A good rule of thumb is that if you want to keep things looking clean and simple, stick with green leaves, and not flowering plants.

Assess What You Want To Do With Your Backyard

A stunning backyard isn’t just one that looks great.

It’s also one that has a good function, and, one way that you can achieve this is to assess what your family can do with your backyard.

For instance, if you’ve got young kids at home, then you may want to keep some place flat for them to have room to run around.

If there’s enough budget for a swimming pool, then this would also be a nice addition.

If you’re the type who loves to entertain, then you may need to have an area for outdoor sitting, a grill, faucet, and whatnot.

When your backyard is able to meet your needs, this increases the chances of you staying happy with the kind of backyard that you have. . . . plus, this also means that whatever changes you put in your backyard will be worth it.

For example, if it’s just you and your partner left now with adult kids living in their own homes, then adding a swimming pool will only be costly, and you are unlikely to be able to make much use of it.

Add Lighting

If lighting can add drama to your home’s interior, it also has the same effect on your garden as well. It can be as simple as hanging solar string lights on your trees, so these can illuminate come night time.

Your backyard will instantly look cozier and more inviting with an abundance of good lighting placed around your yard.


As you can see, creating a stunning backyard doesn’t have to mean an expensive project.

Even when you’re pinching the penny, there are still many ways for you to achieve this successfully.

Whether your backyard looks messy, outdated, or that your priorities for its use have changed, there’s never a shortage of ideas for you to bring new life to your backyard.

Start with the tips above, and soon enough, you’ll be enjoying that outdoor living more than you may have used to in the past.

Kendra Winston

Kendra Winston is an arborist and tree removal specialist with experience in dendrology and horticulture management.
She implements strategic plans to ensure safe and efficient tree removals.
Kendra enjoys swimming, scuba diving, and water sports activities.