Electrical Planning – Home Theatre

Do you want the full Home Theater Experience?

If so perhaps the dedicated Home Theater Room is the thing for you.

The electrical planning for livings room post will cover many of the aspects of the Home Theater but there are some additional points to consider.

  • Projectors. If you want the biggest screen projectors are the way to go. These are best mounted as high as possible to minimise any issues of throwing shadows on the screen. Ceiling mounts are fairly popular, as long as your ceiling height is adequate. Otherwise high on the back wall should be OK. Either way you should allow for a power point, and data cable runs behind the plasterboard.
  • Powered Screens / Curtains If you go for these they will need handy power sockets.
  • Alternative Lighting You may want strong lighting for general use and even things like using some of the exercise consoles. For movies a more subdued lighting, perhaps with remote dimmers is the way to go.
  • Media PC The home theater room will be the best location for the Media PC. As well as its own power supply the Media PC will need an incoming data line. It will also be worth installed cabling from the Media PC to any other rooms where you may want to send the signals.
  • Fridge. If you are watching the footy live it might be good to have some cold beers handy! Perhaps this is the location of your Beer Fridge rather than the garage!


I have never bothered with a home theater myself so this post is based on researching articles and talking to a few people I know.

If there is something you think I should include please comment and I will update the page.

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