Feng Shui

When people see Lion Dogs outside my house they sometimes say “Surely you don’t believe in Feng Shui” to which my initial answer is “ Not really, but I’m told it works whether you believe it or not.

The real answer is a bit more complicated

A lot of the principles of Feng Shui make good sense in making a house more liveable and welcoming.

Things like:

  • Not having a mirror directly opposite a door.
  • Avoiding long straight passages, or at least breaking them up.
  • Don’t put the bed head in front of, or below, a window/
  • Controlling the amount of clutter.

The reason why Feng Shui has lasted is that these sort of principles work.

They may be passed on in a spiritual language but the principles, like the ten commandments from the Judea/Christian religions, do make sense in a civilised world.

A word of warning is that Feng Shui was developed in the Northern Hemisphere for the conditions that apply there.

When you live in the southern hemisphere some of the directions are reversed and you need some ‘Aussie’ Feng Shui such as:

  • During the day the sun is in the north so open that side of your house to the ‘Phoenix’.
  • The South side needs to be protected from the cold weather by the ‘Turtles Shell’.
  • The sun still rises with the ‘Dragon’ in the East, and Sets in the West with the house protected by the ‘Tiger’ so these two aspects stay the same as the Chinese texts.

And as for the Lion Dogs, well they are a bit of fun and a good conversation point.

What Feng Shui principles work for you?


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