5 Ways to Save on Your Energy & Internet Bills

Guest Post by Rahi Mam

As the head of your household’s finances, you may be looking to save on expenses wherever you can.

This helps protect you from unnecessary spending, and can even help free up some money for your family to spend elsewhere.

One of the ways you can save money is to regularly assess how much you spend on electricity and the internet and see if there are any better prices available.

To help get you started on this process, here are five ways to compare your energy and internet plan options.

1. Bundle Up

Many utility providers offer bundled plans, where you can get a variety of services all on one bill.

This bundling often comes with discounts on each service, as it benefits the provider to have more steady users.

Start by contacting your current service provider to see if you can combine electricity & internet through them. If they don’t offer such a bundle, you may want to contact other providers and inquire about their bundles and rates.

Then, choose the option that best fits your budget.

2. Explore Alternative Sources

The next tip is specifically for energy plans.

More and more providers are switching to cleaner and cheaper energy sources, such as wind, solar, and hydro. In addition to being better for the environment, these sources can also be more reliable than traditional coal power.

This saves the utility company time and money in a variety of ways.

Most will pass those savings onto their customers, letting you reap the benefits as well.

Contact your energy provider to see if getting your energy from an alternate source is possible and how much it can save you each billing period.

3. Take Advantage of Specials

Both energy and internet providers may offer specials for new customers, especially those who are interested in bundling multiple services.

It’s well worth doing some research to determine what specials are on for the providers in your area.

You can do this by calling around or by looking on their websites.

If you’d rather not leave your current provider, you can contact them and see if they have any specials that you qualify for.

Some may have deals for long-time customers who renew or upgrade their service that can save you some money without having to switch.

4. Consider a Contract

A fourth option for getting lower prices on electricity and internet plans is to look for plans with a fixed contract length, as opposed to month-to-month options.

Service providers benefit from having repeat and reliable customers.

As a result, many are willing to offer a special price on services for customers who agree to a locked-in contract.

If you feel that your energy and internet usages are pretty steady, or if you believe that the provider can meet your needs for the length of the contract, then this may be an excellent option for you.

5. Ask Around

One final way to help you compare energy and internet plans is to talk to customers of other providers.

You could do this by asking neighbors who they use and what their costs are like.

You could also reach out to friends and family members that you may have in the surrounding area and ask them.

You may find out that you’ve got the best plan on the block, or you may find out a hidden gem of a provider.

Bottom Line

Comparing energy and internet plans is a smart way to make sure you’re paying a fair price.

Don’t be afraid to shop around a bit to see what other deals are out there.

Talk to customers of other providers, or to the providers themselves, and ask about plans and prices.

Your budget’s bottom line will thank you for your diligence.