Today’s Australian Homebuyers are Looking for More Bedrooms

Guest post by Andrej Kovačević

This trend has been evident in Australia for some time though other countries are seeing the same thing. There are many reasons this is happening, and it’s important to explore why.

Why are Home buyers Looking for More Rooms?

You can’t boil this trend down to just one or two reasons. The following are some reasons:

Millennials Staying

One reason people are looking for homes with more rooms has to do with the new living situation many families are finding themselves in.

Traditionally, young folks moved out of their parents’ homes, but that’s not happening. A large number of millennials are staying home.

It’s happening so much that many families are starting to buy homes with this in mind.

Parents want to have enough room for their grown children to stay or move back home whenever needed. These families try to purchase a home large enough to accommodate their children’s families at times. This wasn’t common before, yet it’s becoming common now.

This is happening for various reasons. Some of these millennials have a lot of student debt, which makes it hard for them to move on.

If all that wasn’t enough, the housing market in Australia is becoming inaccessible to younger folks.

Homes are simply too expensive, and that’s keeping millennials at home longer. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it means home seekers are looking for more rooms to accommodate their grown kids.

The last thing these caring parents want is to let their kids sleep on a sofa.

Everyone deserves a room with a comfortable bed and a heavenly mattress topper.

Home Migration

Another reason Australian home buyers are looking for homes with more bedrooms has to do with the work-from-home movement.

When the internet came around, this trend was inevitable, and it’s happening. More folks are starting to work from home because it’s much easier.

People are using today’s technology, like the cloud, to connect with coworkers and their employers without going to the office.

This new reality means folks need enough space at home to work.

People want enough rooms to convert one or two into offices. This trend is also leading to other changes, like the fact that many Australian home buyers aren’t concerned about finding a home in a big city where the work is.

The Pandemic

The pandemic helped change things in Australia, just like it has around the world. It has impacted the way people live, and it makes sense that it’s changed what home buyers look for.

The pandemic amplified some things already mentioned. For example, more people had to work from home during the pandemic.

A good chunk of people who didn’t want to work from home or didn’t see the value of it got a taste of it. These folks got used to it and saw the benefits.

A number of people were already making this switch, and the pandemic made that number bigger.

Since people were forced to stay home and work there, more people are interested in homes with offices or rooms that could be converted into offices.

Staying at home also made it obvious to some people that their small homes weren’t large enough for their families. These folks are looking to purchase homes with more space and more rooms.

Bigger Family Desires

Everyone knows that Australia has an issue with birth rates and the overall population. There simply aren’t enough people in this country to sustain it and something needs to change.

While some of this depends on what the country does, there’s something that only families can change. It seems many families are stepping up since more Australians are hoping to have more children.

While the country has to wait and see if this trend produces more children, the desire is very real.

More home seekers are hoping to buy a home that can accommodate the number of children they hope to have someday. This is yet another reason why many folks are looking for larger houses.

It’s important to say that this is just a desire. There’s no telling whether or not more folks will have kids, but it’s clear that this desire is creating a trend.

Leisure Push

Australians are also interested in buying homes they can relax and have fun in. Having enough bedrooms is a big part of that.

It frees up the rest of the house so that new homeowners have more space to play with. Folks can have man or woman caves and home dens.

Families could have family rooms and theater rooms, especially since the pandemic closed all theaters. Having a large house seems to make folks happier.

People also want bigger bedrooms. They aren’t satisfied with small bedrooms because they feel cramped. People want larger-than-life bedrooms where they can feel at peace and escape the world for a bit.

Now, you know all there is to know about today’s desire for homes with more bedrooms and space. This push is being driven by all sorts of things, which is pretty interesting.