Why New House Numbers When You Move in Can Help Personalise a Home

Guest Post by Simon McIntyre

Your home is your castle, emphasis on “your”.

When first moving into a house most people change the locks, change paint colour, or change out window dressings.

Something that many people forget to change, or simply do not change, are house numbers.

Changing house numbers is a great, inexpensive way to make your home your own and change the look of the exterior of your home without expending a great deal of energy or money. 

Why Change Your House Numbers When Moving into a New Home?

When moving into a new home, you often change a great deal about it to help it feel more like your own and to help ensure that everything is just how you want it.

Changing out house numbers for some that you prefer is a great way to make your home your own and is a fantastic finishing touch.

Many people do not even think about their house numbers, they are simply there to signify which house is which and it hardly ever goes further than that.

That being said, house numbers are great way to personalize your home and add a bit of your own flare and a bit of your own personality to your home without spending a fortune and without having to spend a ton of time and effort as well.

Custom house numbers in a size, colour and font that you choose is a fantastic way to ensure you have numbers that you love that are also going to work well and help others find your home.

How to Customise House Numbers

There are tons of ways that you can customise your house numbers to reflect your own personality.

The first is by choosing a font that you love.

Choosing a custom font is going to reflect your personality. Is your house modern, traditional mid-century styled?

These can all be reflected in the font that you choose.

Next, you can also customise the colour of your numbers.

Adding fun pops of colour to an otherwise plain or simple exterior can help make it fun, it can help to spice things up without having to do something like paint the entire exterior of your home a very loud colour.

Another easy way to customise is by choosing the size of the numbers that you want.

You can get some great numbers that are very large or that are smaller depending on the readability of your font and where you are going to be placing your numbers.

You can also choose a fun and quirky configuration like stair stepping the numbers, putting them in a column instead of a row, or making a special place for them that is unique and totally you.

The last way you can customise your numbers is by being able to choose what material they are made from.

Many house numbers are made of low-quality plastic.

This is fine if they are not going to be exposed to weather and extreme temperature changes.

With house numbers, it is always best to get numbers that are high quality and that are made of materials that are going to be able to withstand weather.

Aluminium is a great material that is going to be lightweight, it can be customised in colour and font, and it is going to be durable.

Spending a little extra to get a great set of house numbers that are well made, durable and that also look great is a must.

By investing in a quality product, you can get house numbers you love, those that work for you and your home, and numbers that are not going to break apart and get damaged after very little wear.

Changing up house numbers is a great way to make your home feel more like your home and to ensure that you put a bit of your personality into your new home.