How Much Does It Cost To Wire A House?

Guest Post by Alexia

Wiring is an essential process in the building of a new house.

Residents of a new modern house need electrical supply, and wiring does the job.

While it’s acceptable that one is financially prudent, wiring your house comes with caution to prevent electrical disasters.

If you’re planning to build a new house, you might be wondering, ‘How much does it cost to wire a house?’

As a homeowner, it’s imperative to your safety that you know how much it costs to wire a house.

The Cost To Wire A House

When it comes to wiring a house, there’s a variance of factors influencing its cost.

It’d be best to consider the fatalities that may result from the below-par wiring.

If you’re planning to build a new house, your contractor may have the cost of wiring added to the total cost of building.

However, your informed approach to expenses may demand that you know the costs to wire a house.

The factors that influence the cost of wiring a house are of a wide range–differences in cost come with the expenses that a professional has assessed about what wiring your house will incur.

Regardless, a homeowner expends AUD$4,000 up to AUD$17,500 to wire a new house on average.

You can also contact a professional electrician or an electrical services company and have them assess the given tasks and the specialised efforts required to wire your house.

With this, you can inquire and learn more about the estimates and breakdowns as well.

Factors Influencing Wiring Costs

While the national average amount of wiring a house is over AUD$4,000, factors such as area, quality of materials, permits, and labour cost play a significant part in their estimates.

These factors determine the cost of wiring a house regarding their demands.

  • Size of House (Per Square Metre)

One of the factors that influence the cost of wiring a house is the size of the house.

A professional electrician has to, before anything else, measure the size of the house per square metre.

The average wiring cost per square metre lies between AUD$43 and AUD$73.

For this, it’s evident that the bigger the house, the more the expenses will go into wiring, and vice versa.

So, by this average cost, if you have a house with an 800 sqm measurement, you expect to spend between AUD$34,604.16 and AUD$57,673.60. Consequently, a house of 1,000 sqm will approximately incur AUD$43,000 to AUD$73,000, one of 1,500 sqm. incurs AUD$64,000 to AUD$111,000.

  • Quality Of Materials

The wiring type and the quality to be used determines the cost.

Quality begets cost in this time of ours.

The wiring type, which could range from metallic sheathed to multi-conductor, determines the cost.

Multi-conductor could incur about AUD$0.85 to AUD$1.50 per metre.

Therefore, understanding the wiring materials to be used is a crucial thing to consider when estimating your electrical expenses.

  • Labour

The amount of labour calculated to be spent on wiring a house is a significant factor influencing the amount of cost the project will require to be executed in good shape.

The licensed electrician is expected to charge between AUD$67 and AUD$134 per hour.

According to Amber Electrical Services, the national average cost of hiring a licensed electrician ranges from AUD$217 to AUD$699 per hour, with the experience of the professional causing a price variation.

It takes about three to eleven days to complete the wiring of some houses.

Completion comes late when wiring requires breaking into walls and repairing them.

Sometimes, homeowners have to pack out of their houses to rent a living space for the period the wiring takes.

This also increases cost.

  • Permits

Where you live can have an impact on the cost of your permit. Depending on the state or territory, the average permit ranges from AUD$13 to AUD$670 (not including potential charge variations between jurisdictions).

For instance, your permit could be free in Victoria, while it may cost you up to AUD$1,591.35 in New South Wales.

Your electrician’s experience may also affect the cost–they may be able to install your electrical wiring more quickly and efficiently than someone new to the job.

  • Project Scope

The costs to connect your home to the electrical grid run anywhere between AUD$1,350 and AUD$13,500.

While an expensive proposition, it’s a necessary one.

No electricity means no water or gas appliances in many modern homes, and no way to heat or cool your home once you’ve paid for the installation.

Of course, you can also consider alternatives, such as solar options, but to run a typical household with all of its appliances, electronics, and lighting requirements generally requires being connected to the grid.


Wiring a house can prove expensive. However, you must give it all it takes to have a great job done. This is to prevent any electrical disaster that could result in the loss of lives and properties. While there are prices for wiring, lives are priceless.

Author Bio: Alexia is passionate about electrical engineering and design. She currently works in one of the top electrical power distribution companies, working in the engineering department. She has five years of experience in maintenance, tuning, troubleshooting, and control. When she’s not installing or monitoring systems, she freelances.