5 Area Rug Trends to Implement In Your Home This Year

Guest Post by Mary Tipper

No doubt, many of our plans for 2022 are already well in motion, since we are now in the second quarter.

But do these plans include décor improvements in your homes and living spaces?

You may have bumped into those beautiful Novogratz area rugs retailing on Amazon.

Have you considered getting one for those eye-catching sections around the house?

If your answer is no, you may miss out on a lot.

Area rugs are the new swing in home décor trends for 2022.

What is even more interesting is how they come in a variety of eclectic designs and styles that could leave you spoiled for choice.

Without wasting any more time, let’s discuss 5 area rug trends to implement in your home in 2022.

Copyright: Photo by Ryan Christodoulou on Unsplash

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are certainly in the top pick when it comes to rug trends in 2022.

The most common variant of this style are those that come in colors reminiscent of jewel-inspired memorabilia.

Anything with emerald, cerulean, or sapphire is a solid fit for your living spaces as they can evoke colorful kaleidoscopic expressions in rather bland spaces.

Brighter colors work the magic even better!

Bold Patterns

Bold patterns are not new to the scene.

They’ve been in style for the longest, only coming on and off.

Interestingly, bold patterns are receiving a strong revival again in 2022.

The great thing about bold abstract patterns is how they leave a lasting impression in the eyes of the viewer.

They immediately jump out at you, almost like what quirky paintworks do at a glance.

With so many shades, bold patterns will certainly work the tropes between neutral and bland spaces.

Warm Tone & Natural Patterns

Natural tones are tricky since they need to work with other elements within your living spaces to turn out perfect.

Nonetheless, the 2022 décor scene is bubbling with buyers making earthier warmer and more nature’s-feel choices than ever.

The reason may not be too far-fetched as people appear to opt for patterns illuminating an ambiance of comfort.

Natural patterns also mostly come in materials such as wool, sisal, and jute that guarantee durability.

Muted Neutrals Patterns

These kinds of patterns have always been huge and very recently peaked in most modern farmhouse trends.

One advantage of working with muted neutrals is the way they create a transitional effect that never gets old.

They are elegant, versatile, and all-time classics.

Do you want something more traditional like cream, gray, or beige, or will you much rather go for a contemporary touch of blush, gold, or pink?

With muted neutrals, you’ve got hues for every era.

Animal Pattern

Animal patterns are a sure go, especially if you are trying to establish something larger-than-life whilst remaining neutral.

In 2022, animal prints are taking on the area rug landscape and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

They come in dynamic, cozy, and luxurious patterns that are simply hard to look over.

Animal patterns can dominate any space, bringing along an intriguing, bespoke ambiance.

Rug Materials

Before you buy a new rug, you need to understand the different types of materials used in making them.

Different materials work best in certain areas around the house.

Having this knowledge makes it easy to know which type of area rug is best suited to your specific needs.

Here are four common materials used for area rugs:


Wool is stain-resistant and super easy to maintain.

Its low-maintenance nature prevents dirt from seeping through the material.

Producing wool also requires very little energy in comparison to other materials.

Typically, wool is the most ideal choice for making rugs because of its high durability.

They do require some careful cleaning though for a long-lasting life.

Natural Fiber

Natural fibers usually come in variations.

There is hemp fiber, which is quite durable, can be sustained over a long period, and gets softer from continuous usage.

Seagrass fiber, another variant, is also highly-durable, water-resistance, and easy to vacuum.

You’ve got sisal, which is best suited for areas around the house with high traffic.


Rugs made out of cotton are very beautiful. . . Nonetheless, they stain easily and are usually not durable.

People often go for them since they are affordable.

On the flip side, you can wash them when they get dirty without ruining their enchanting features.

Cotton rugs are ideal for areas around the house with considerably low traffic.


Cheap, soft, and vibrant; polyester rugs usually come in different exciting color variants to pick from.

The disadvantage with polyester is that you can’t place them close to warm surfaces like heaters since they melt.

Polyesters, however, are very durable and can work in all areas around the house (indoor and outdoor).

A typical example is the Novogratz Area Rug by Momeni.

Copyright: Photo by Sina Saadatmand on Unsplash

Improve Your Home Decor with an Area Rug

Having an area rug that best suits your living spaces is not a game of luck.

A lot of ingredients have to come together in one piece to make it work. 

You will be working along the lines of cost, durability, design, and functionality.

If you can learn to optimize your options in the best way possible, you may not be too far from putting together something brilliant!

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