Electrical Abbrevations

electrical drawingLooking at an electrical plan, or reading an electrical specification, and wondering what all the abbreviations are?

Well here are some of the more common ones you may encounter, many with links to other posts:

3phThree Phase Power
AC – Alternating Current
ACU – Air Conditioning Unit
CBCircuit Breaker
DC– Direct Current
DH – Ducted Heating Unit
DIM – Dimmer
DGPO – Double General Power Outlet
ECUEvaporative Cooling Unit
ELCBEarth Leakage Circuit Breaker
GPO – General Power Outlet
IPIngess Protection. Range from a basic IP 30 (standard outlet) to IP67 (fittings to withstand total immersion in water)
JB – Junction Box
LV – Low Voltage
LEDLight Emitting Diode
HW– Hot Water Unit
M – Meter
MSB – Main Switchboard
RA -Return Air (from Ducted Heating/Air Conditioning)
RCDResidual Current Device
RF – Roof Access
SB – Switchboard
S – Sensor
SEN – Sensor
WPWeather Proof

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Window Abbreviations

When you are looking at builders plans it can be hard to understand what all the abbreviations mean!

Here are some common window Abbreviations /Acronyms:

AL – Aluminium (also Alum)
AW – Awning Window
CG – Clear Glass
CLR.OPG – Clear Opening
CR – Curtain Rod
DG – Double Glazing
DH – Double Hung
FG – Fixed Glazing
FO – Finished Opening
FR – Frame
FRG – Fire Resistant Glazing
FS – Fire Shutter
GB – Glass Block (also GL BLK or GLB)
GP – Glazed Partition
HSW– Horizontal Sliding Window
IS – Insect Screen
LVR– Louvre
MUL – Mullion
OB – Obscured (e.g Frosted also OG -Obscured Glass)
OPG– Opening (also OW – Opening Window)
PG – Plate Glass
PW – Pivot Window
RS – Roller Shutter
SD – Sliding Door
SGS– Silicone Glazing Sealant
SH – Side Hung
SW – Sliding Window
tr – Transom
UPVC– Unplasticised PVC
VP – Vertical Pivot
VS – Vertical Sliding
WERS– Window Energy Rating System
WF – Wood Frame
WG – Wired Glass
WS – Window Sill (or Cill)
WW – Window Wall

If you have seen an acronym you don’t understand, then let me know, and I will try to give you an answer.

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Plumbing Acronyms

There are a lot of acronyms used on plumbing drawings so here are a few definitions:

AGAgricultural (Drains)
B – Basin
Bth – Bath
BT – Boundary Trap
DP – Down Pipe
FW – Floor Waste
HWS – Hot Water Service
IC – Inspection Chamber
IS – Inspection Shaft (also IO -Inspection Opening)
ORGOverflow Relief Gully
PRV – Pressure Reducing Valve
RRJ – Rubber Ring Joints
RWH – Rain Water Head
SHR – Shower
ST – Stop Tap
SW – Storm Water Pipe (or SWD – Storm Water Drain)
SWJ – Solvent Welded Joints
TR – Laundry Trough
VC – Vitrified Clay
VP – Vent Pipe (sometimes UVP – Upstream Vent Pipe)
WC – Water Closet (Toilet)
S –  Kitchen Sink
SV – Stop Valve

If you have seen an acronym you don’t understand, then let me know, and I will try to give you an answer.

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