Extension Fail

extension fail

I saw this extended house the other day and couldn’t resist sharing it.

A fairly standard 60’s house with a pitched roof but someone has dropped a square box on top….So much for sensitive design.

Not only that but the chimney will be blowing smoke directly at the upper floor windows!


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Front Path Fail

Looks a bit like a Rustic Type Path . . . . So why do I think this is a Fail?

Well even though I was careful, and wearing safety work boots, I nearly rolled my ankle!

Just imagine a woman trying to walk up the path wearing high heeled shoes!

These are the problems with this idea:

  • Most wood has started rot as it’s completely surrounded with soil.
  • The tops of the timbers are uneven
  • The spacing is uneven
  • The average foot is bigger than the timbers.

Front paths need to be smooth and even to encourage visitors to walk to your door, not an obstacle course.


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Garden Photo – Fail

One of the rules of getting your house Ready for Sale is to remove your pets, and hide their baskets food bowls etc.

If you don’t you might find your house advertised on the internet with a photo of your dog ‘leaving a deposit’ like this!

Its amazing how people miss these ‘interesting details’ when they are rushing round taking photos.

This is a real photo used to advertise a house that I found on the very funny American website uglyhousephotos.com

Truck Driving Fail

If you are going to do your own removals……. Plan your route carefully, and get plenty of insurance!

You don’t want to end up like this!

This bridge in South Melbourne seems to claim at least one truck a month.

Some are professional drivers like this one, but a lot are self drive hire trucks.



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Front Facade Fail

A lot of people like a large garage……. but you need to be careful if you have a narrow block.

The size of the garage dominates this property and makes it look more like an industrial unit than a home. It isn’t helped by that really plain front door!

And here is another, more interesting front door, but still looks like a mechanic’s place.

Score of 1 /10 for kerbside appeal.


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Rainwater Collection Fail

How Not to collect rainwater!

I suppose its cheap…….but it’s not the most convenient for filling your watering can from.

You can also see that algae is growing in all those open containers.

It’s not something most of us would want on our front gardens!

On the plus side it probably looks very spectacular in heavy rain as the water overflows into the various containers.


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Advice – Fail

When I saw this Billboard the other day I had turn round to drive past it again, as I didn’t believe it the first time!

They are making it appear that it’s a big deal that they are selling what are the worst blocks on the estate!

A North Facing Block mean that the house gets very little warming sun during winter, as half the front of the house will probably be garage door.

A typical house will also have lots of East and West facing windows which will really soak up summer sun making the house a real sweatbox. With winter there will be no sun coming in but lots of heat going out through those windows.

It just goes to show that if you want honest advice don’t rely on Real Estate Agents or Land Developers.


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Brick – Fail

The other day I saw this garden wall .

It looks like mowing the lawn could be dangerous!

I certainly wouldn’t like to catch my ankle on that sharp piece of brick.

A few years ago a kiln fused brick like this would be called a reject and sent to the tip.

Now its a premium product, which some people are paying top dollar for to get that “Rustic” Look.

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Bell Push – Fail

Over a week I would probably visit between 150 – 200 homes.

That’s a lot of door bells pushed……..and if the bell doesn’t work it can be a lot of sore knuckles knocking.

The bell push in the picture above, seems to me, to be most often found at houses where the doorbell doesn’t work.

If you are looking for a doorbell push I couldn’t honestly recommend this one!

On a lighter note here is a different sort of door bell, that worked first time.


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