Staging Your Old House

Presentation of your existing house, or staging as its now known, is important to make sure you get the most money for your new house.

Probably the best look is a de-cluttered home. If you remove all the homely touches it can look a bit sterile

Here are some more tips to make sure it looks the best for the photographs, and for Inspection Days.

  • Outside Keep cars out of site, mow lawns, remove weeds, bottle & glasses for an  outdoor setting.
  • Kitchen Remove all fridge magnets,  no dirty or clean dishes in sight, i.e. not like this photo!

  • Bathrooms  Matching bathroom towels, remove toiletries.
  • Bedrooms Beds made neatly with clean linen, Just a light and a clock on bedside tables.
  • Living Rooms Get Fresh flowers and fill the  fruit bowl, remove any bright cushions.
  • Pets Remove pet basket and bowls and make sure the pet is somewhere else.
  • General De-clutter including removing toys and perhaps some of the furniture
  • On The Day Turn on Heating in Winter and air conditioning in Summer. All lights to be on.

If you want professional help there are quite a few people offering to provide staging assistance. A basic service will cost $2-3,000 rising to more than $10,000, which will include loaning different furniture.


To find out how builders stage their display homes see this link: Show House Tricks


Why I Used Jenman System Agents To Sell

Unless your new house is the first house you own you are going to have to sell your existing house.

Lots of people in Melbourne use auctions but I have never been very keen on that approach.

We have now sold two houses using Jenman System Agents and have been very satisfied.

We recently sold our home in Wydham Vale using Brian Mark Real Estate of Werribee. Previously we we sold an investment property in Chadstone about 7 years ago using T G Newton Real Estate of Oakleigh

If you look through their websites you will see lots of reasons for using them but the three advantages that I really like are:

  • They are quite clear that their duty is to you as seller of the house.

In my experience they go all out to get the best price for the house rather than tell buyers you may be willing to drop the price.

  • They carefully vet all people that are taken through your house.

Much better than ‘Open for Inspections’ when criminals could ‘case’ your house anonymously by giving a false name to the agent.

  • You only pay when the house is sold

I have often wonder if those advertising campaigns some agents charge you for upfront are really advertising the house for you, or the Agent to get more interest in all his offerings.

If there is a local Jenman Agent why not give them a try?



I have not been paid for this post and did not receive any discount on the sale of either house