Travel Issues

It’s a Saturday and your partner says “Why don’t we go and look at some blocks that have been advertised in the paper?”

So you jump in the car and in no time at all you are at the Site.

“That was easy!” you say………….but how realistic is Saturday traffic compared with a weekday commute?

Once you move you may find you are spending a long time looking through your windscreen at traffic!

Before you make a decision perhaps you need to try the traffic out:

    • Arrange to meet your partner straight after work and see how how long it will take to get home in rush hour. Twice as long?……….or four times as long!
    • If you are really keen, then get up at 6.00am, and drive to the site. You can then see how long it will take you to get to work.
    • You could also try out the public transport.

Were you surprised how long it took to get to work after you moved?

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