Advice – Fail

When I saw this Billboard the other day I had turn round to drive past it again, as I didn’t believe it the first time!

They are making it appear that it’s a big deal that they are selling what are the worst blocks on the estate!

A North Facing Block mean that the house gets very little warming sun during winter, as half the front of the house will probably be garage door.

A typical house will also have lots of East and West facing windows which will really soak up summer sun making the house a real sweatbox. With winter there will be no sun coming in but lots of heat going out through those windows.

It just goes to show that if you want honest advice don’t rely on Real Estate Agents or Land Developers.


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Cubby House – Fail

What do you think of this Cubby House that someone built in their garden, soon after moving in?

Well it looks pretty good…………………………. Solidly constructed building, nice colourful paint job,  and securely bolted down to a convenient concrete slab.

So why is it a Fail?

Well have a look at this close up of that convenient concrete slab.

That solid concrete slab is actually the top of a sewer manhole on the Easement.

This particular manhole has two covers (You can see the front one on the photo) which need to be accessed for cleaning about every 18 months!

How would you like to move this?


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Toilet House

Yes this house really has been built to look like a toilet.

It was built in 2007 by Sim Jae-Duck (Mr Toilet Duck??), Chairman  of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association.

Located in the city of Suwon, around 40 km south of Seoul, it’s considered the largest toilet sculpture in South Korea.

The house is officially named ‘Haewoojae’, a Korean term for ‘sanctuary’ or a place that eases one’s worries.

Upon founding the World Toilet Association, Mr. Sim pushed for the establishment of international standards on how to clean restrooms as a way to maintain public health.

The global non-profit organization also advocates for zero-waste restroom essentials, such as the use of recycled toilet paper, organic hygiene products, and greywater.

Mr. Sim is famously known in Asia as ‘Mr. Toilet’, a reputation that actually started in the late 1990s to the early 2000s when he served as the mayor of Suwon.

He championed efforts to promote sanitation and prevent malfunction in public toilets all over the city.

However, his fascination and passion for toilet culture apparently began from birth as he was, in fact, born in a toilet. In South Korea, there’s a belief that people born in toilets are bound to lead long and prosperous lives.

After Mr. Sim’s passing in 2009, his house was turned over to the local government.

The 400 sq m building originally featured four deluxe toilets but has now been adapted to a toilet museum so there should be plenty more now.

The building  is made of white concrete, steel, and glass with a roof opening that resembles that of a toilet bowl.

Inside are two exhibition floors full of toilet-themed paintings and sculptures, as well as information on the history and mission of the World Toilet Association.

Haewoojae is open for visitors and can be even rented for $50,000 a night.

Thanks to ‘This Old House’ for the photo.

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Laundry Door Fail

I don’t know if builders are still providing patio doors in the laundry. It was fairly common in 2005 when we last bought a new house.

I really don’t understand the concept!

  • What’s the point of a full length window looking at the side of the laundry tub
  • Because of the window the trough can’t be against the outside wall wasting space in the room.
  • Most laundries seem to face a fence so there is no view.
  • Minimal insulation value.
  • Lower security.
  • Experience has shown me that with daily use the life of patio door wheels is around 5-6years.

About the only positive I can think of is its probably cheap!


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Display House Window Fail

Two of the things that the human eye likes are:

  • Symmetry.
  • Regular repeated patterns.

For example:

  • If you split something down the middle the left side is a mirror image of the right.
  • If you are going to have several windows keep them the same.

It’s a pity no one explained the above to the person who designed this display home. With all the windows looking different it looks a mess. It makes me think they got a mixed lot of windows cheap.

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Beer Bottle – Recycling

I was walking along a street the other day and saw this unique garden edging…….Upturned beer bottles.

Apart from showing everybody how much you drink I don’t think its very safe if you slip when you are digging…… all that broken glass.

Although looking at the flower beds I don’t think much digging is going on!

Don’t think they are beer bottles/ Here is a close up:


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Boundary Fence Fail

Driving along a quiet Werribee Street the other day I had to stop to take a picture of this!

Are they trying to recreate the Berlin Wall?

Is it a World War 2 Buff trying to create his own Colditz?

Is that square cover in the nature strip the escape tunnel exit?

All it needs is a machine gun in a watchtower.


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