Kitchen Drawer Fail

Have you ever wondered why kitchens with all the unit along a wall are so popular with builders?. . . . . and island units?

Why are drawers without a large handle common?

Well it stops mistakes like this happening!

I would have thought most kitchen installers would have made this mistake once, but only once!

One thing to think about though if planning a kitchen space with corners is the storage volume in those corners is very hard to access.

The picture is from 

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Glaring Fail

Here is a new town house development in Melbourne.

Just a couple of ‘small’ problems

  • Those huge master bedroom windows face west so they are going to get the summer sun all day from around 2.00pm until late in the evening.
  • What makes it worst is it has full length mirrored wardrobes on the North Facing Wall

With the glare you will need to be wearing sunglasses just to go into the room. On a hot day it’s going to be around 60 degrees plus!


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Designer Fail of the Year

Someone sent me this picture entitled plumber fail of the year but that’s a bit harsh!

The plumber only put the toilet where the plan showed it! . . .  and he didn’t design the floor plan.

Even then the situation could have been saved by the carpenter simply making the door open outwards rather than into the toilet! . . . . . . . . .Not only would this give more room in the toilet but it would be safer. (see why at: Separate Toilets)


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Front Facade Fail

A lot of people like a large garage……. but you need to be careful if you have a narrow block.

The size of the garage dominates this property and makes it look more like an industrial unit than a home. It isn’t helped by that really plain front door!

And here is another, more interesting front door, but still looks like a mechanic’s place.

Score of 1 /10 for kerbside appeal.


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