Letter Boxes – Is Bigger Better?

One of the big signs to potential burglars that there is no one at home is a letter box stuffed with post and junk mail after its gone dark in the evening.

In a recent post about letter boxes I talked about minimum sizes. After seeing a couple of larger letter boxes I can see some real advantages in thinking again about you letter box.

      • Not everybody has neighbors, or nearby relatives that can clear your letter box when you are away.
      • Why do most of us still have a tube for the newspaper when most newspapers now get wrapped in clingfilm and thrown from a moving car.
      • A large letter box means that a week or more of post and even junk mail stays hidden and dry
      • Those spring loaded flaps can trap the mail half in / half out exposing it to the weather, and the gaze of anyone passing by.


My next mail box is going to be big enough to take several days post and junk mail and have on open slot, with weatherproofing, so the post drops out of sight. Perhaps something like this one.


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