Do You Want A Phone Line?

A few years ago having a land line phone was a must have have………….. but is this still the case?

We have always had a land line phone but both of us also have mobile phones. Really the mobile is the most reliable way for people to get in contact with us.

About the only people who call on the home phone used to be telemarketers.  When we went on the do not call register the telemarketers disappeared.

Now its just the Indian call centre scammers telling me they had detected a problem with my computer’s Window operating system. Sometimes I string them along for a while before I tell them I have a Mac, but they are still annoying.

Having recently joined Skype (with call costs of less than 3c a minute to an English Land Line) we now hardly make land line calls anymore.

If it wasn’t for the fact that my mother, who doesn’t have a computer, and occasionally phones we wouldn’t need a phone at all. A data line with a single socket at the wireless router would easily meet our needs.

When was the last time you used your land line?


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