Do You Need A Home Theatre?

theatre roomI keep reading articles about issues with the affordability of Australian houses. . . . . but then find lot’s of you want a ‘Media Room’ in your new houses!

So how much is a basic Home Theatre going to add to the cost of your new house?

Room Size

Room size if you are going to get a big screen tv say 75″ or a projector the experts say you really need to be around 3m away from the screen.

That means you are talking about a 4m x 4m room.

At ‘say’ $1,500/m2 the room alone is going to cost you around $24,000.

Fit Out

Again looking at a fairly basic system I have allowed the following:

  • $6,000 – TV and sound system, cabling, etc
  • $3,000 – Furniture, carpets, and lighting.

Of course if you really want to go to town you could spend Millions!

Overall Costs

So your basic home theatre is going to cost around $31,000!

Assuming you borrow the money the payments, at a  long term average of 7% over 25 years, amounts to:

  • $54 per week.
  • $240 pr month.
  • $2,880 per year.
  • or $72,000 over the full term.

Don’t forget all this is going to be in addition to a large TV in the family room, and probably another couple of TVs around the house!

In Conclusion

Well it’s up to you but, I’ve got to 60 and don’t feel that I have missed out by not having a home theatre.

In fact instead of over committing on houses  I was able to put more into my Super means I am now semi retired!


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5 thoughts on “Do You Need A Home Theatre?”

  1. Hello Brian,

    Can you do a post re. Painted Infills vs. Bricks for external windows sometime? Pros and Cons for each and what to do if you are stuck with infills unknowingly… (1st timer woes)


  2. Agree with this wholeheartedly. My wife and I are discussing a media room (mainly for our kids) and personally I don’t think they are required. Kids these days (not ours yet) spend a lot of time on iPads watching youtube and movies. Spending tens of thousands on a room we might use once a week is insanity.

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