7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Remodelling Your Kitchen

Guest post from Hubert Dwight

So you’re thinking about renovating your current kitchen.

Maybe it’s for lifestyle reasons, or maybe it’s because your old kitchen is slightly falling apart.

Whatever the reason for remodelling, a new kitchen is an investment that will bring you happiness from years to come.

Remodelling the social hub of your home is a big decision to make, and there are a few key mistakes that you can avoid to ensure your renovation process is as effective and efficient as it can be.

1. Not having fun

When remodelling your kitchen, it’s important to make sure you have fun with it.

Use pops of colour, a focal point and pieces of art.

Little details like these are what will make your kitchen feel like home.

Stick to classic styles, but don’t stick to boring rules.

As well as this, remember that this should be a fun process!

Although it will absolutely take some elbow grease, it will also be a truly satisfying undertaking that you should revel in.

2. Skimping on cabinet storage

Don’t self sabotage your kitchen by not giving yourself enough space.

It can seem like a good idea to skimp on storage to keep costs down.

However, these days, there is a plethora of storage solutions that can really help maximise your kitchen.

Pantries and super cabinets are great options that will optimise any sized kitchen.

3. Choosing appliances last

When doing a full renovation of your kitchen, make sure you choose your appliances first.

It’s much more logical, and easier, to choose things like cabinets and countertops once you’ve already decided on your refrigerator and dishwasher.

Nowadays it is definitely viable to select a range of appliances that are in the same colour or design to give your kitchen a central theme.

4. Not thinking about it as an investment

A total kitchen makeover will come at an expense – and sometimes it can be hard to keep that cost down.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you think about your lifestyle and your cooking preferences, so you can plan your kitchen accordingly.

After all, remodelling your kitchen is an investment and will improve your life!

5. Forgetting your budget

As with any financially-based endeavour, your budget should be your gospel.

Coming up with a realistic budget for your renovation is essential.

Decide what features of your kitchen are the most important, and allocate your finances accordingly.

Keep a copy on you at all times, so you don’t make any rash decisions and regret it later!

6. Going it alone

Even if you are experienced in the art of DIY, it’s vital that you consult a kitchen design expert before undertaking a job such as a full renovation.

An experienced professional, such as the staff at ESI Lifestyle, will be able to offer tips, tricks and general advice regarding your kitchen hopes and dreams.

7. Forgetting your workflow

How do you prefer to cook?

Do you use the stovetop more, or perhaps the oven?

Remember your kitchen’s busiest areas will usually be the sink, the stove and the refrigerator.

Make sure these areas are spaced far enough away from each other so as not to overcrowd any one particular area.

Don’t over think the remodelling of your kitchen.

With planning, a good budget, and appropriate ideas of how you want your kitchen to match your lifestyle, you’re already halfway there.


Keep in mind these 7 common mistakes when you’re remodelling your kitchen to avoid further complications down the track.