5 Household Issues You Can Fix on Your Own

Household maintenance is sometimes an expensive ordeal for most people, however, you should consider doing some of the repairs at home by yourself to avoid unnecessary spending on professional services.

While professionalism is always preferred, a lot of problems can be handled on your own easily.

Before you start off with any repairs, ensure that you have adequate research to help understand what you do not comprehend. Keep in mind that electrical issues can be hazardous and are illegal in Australia.

It is also important to ensure that you have the right tools for the repairs to avoid pointless accidents.

1. Broken toilet levers

A broken toilet lever is quite easy to fix. If the lever does not flush down the toilet, just pop open the tank and fasten the chain.

In some cases when the handle (or any other part that secures the lever to the flapper) becomes corroded, it can easily break. However, these parts can all be replaced in a cheaply.

2.  Unblocking a Sink

You can buy a sink plunger for a few dollars at your local hardware store.

A few vigorous pushes up and down over the plughole will clear many blockages in baths and showers as well as sinks.

More serious blockages and you might need as emergency plumber to unblock your system.

3. Clearing a jammed garbage disposal

A waste machine is actually easier to repair than it looks.

Before you embark on such a task, you should first ensure that you have cut off the power to the unit to avoid accidents.

Once you have disabled the disposal, use a wrench to fine-tune the flywheel inside the disposal.

This is done by placing the wrench in the hole in the middle of the bottom of the unit. It is very efficient in loosening the blocked food inside.

To remove any clogging in the top unit, you can use pliers or a wooden dowel and get into the upper part of your disposal.

Reconnect power, run water through your disposal and turn it on to make sure that the jam is cleared.

Check ‘YouTube’ for several useful videos.

4. Patching up small holes in Plasterboard

Some holes in the walls caused by screws or nails on the walls are quite easy and cheap to fix.

All you need to do is push some cellulose filler into the holes with a putty knife and wait to dry.

Then you should sand it down using a sand paper, depending on the texture of your wall.

Then just apply a coat of paint. 

5.Loosening a stuck window

Windows that go too long without being opening get mucked up with dirt, making them hard to open.

To handle this, you will need an efficient lubricating agent. Use a pizza cutter to pry away the window sash from the frame.

If the paint concerns you, use a blunter putty knife to free the edges. Once it is open, clean it sufficiently and make sure that the hinges and edges are well lubricated.

The aforementioned DIY tips will definitely help you save time and money in most situations.