Ravishing Renovations – 5 Important Décor Elements to Consider When Redesigning Your Home

Guest Post by Hubert Dwight

Redesigning your home is an exciting project that can snowball very, very quickly.

It can begin with simply changing the colour of the walls or cabinets and can end up in a complete overhaul of your entire home.

Ideas can grow and develop quickly, until before you know it, you’re pulling up the carpet, reupholstering the furniture and knocking down walls between rooms without any real plan.

Before things get out of control, set attainable goals for your renovation, consider the scale of what you are undertaking and start putting together a realistic plan regarding your timeframe and budget.

Consider the important décor elements of each room in your home and make sure you reach your redesign goals.

Follow our advice and ensure that your home renovations go smoothly and you get the results you’re looking for.

1. Curtains and Blinds Should Complement The Decor

Choosing the right pattern, colour and material for your curtains can go along way to tying a room together.

According to the team at Quickfit Curtains and Blinds, full-length curtains can add a refreshing splash of colour to any space, while a set of well-appointed blinds can add a real sense of sophistication.

Timeless sheer curtains can be an excellent choice for tying together mismatched windows or also work very well in rooms with a lot of patterns, providing some much needed visual relief from busy prints.

2. Fitting Furniture

One element of your new décor that is overlooked far too often is your selection in furniture.

Find furniture that fits the space well and is in keeping with your new décor.

Consider repainting or reupholstering furniture you already own, visit antique shops or try upcycling furniture from second-hand stores.

A unique piece of furniture serves as a new focal point of your space and can give a room a whole new feeling.

3. Light it Up

Each room in your home serves a different purpose and the lighting you choose should reflect this.

In living rooms, incorporate the light into the overall décor, using a combination of table lights, floor lamps and track lighting.

Bathrooms are best lit either very brightly, especially in the vanity area, while bedrooms should feature soft reading lights and a bright light for getting dressed.

Remember, nobody notices excellent lighting, but everyone notices bad lighting, take your time and get it right.

4. Choose the Right Colour Scheme

In conjunction with lighting, both natural and artificial, colours are an integral design element of any redesign.

Your choice of colours can transform any space; give it a different feel and a new lease of life.

Adding bright colours to walls, cabinets or accents can brighten up even the smallest of rooms, giving the illusion of space and light.

Soothing colours like powdery blues look great in a bathroom, while light colours such as pinks, soft yellows and lavenders give an air of tranquillity and restfulness making them fantastic choices for the bedroom.

From elegant to vibrant, soothing to moody, your choice of paint colour is a crucial one in any redesign.

5. Incorporate Mirrors in Your Design

Mirrors can be a fantastic addition to any space as they add an extra element to any room.

A gilded mirror, for example, can easily function as a standout, feature piece of furniture that easily changes the dynamic of a room.

They can be a beautiful addition to any living room, dining room, bedroom and of course bathroom.

Get creative with your mirrors and add some bespoke mirror art to your home and give people something to really look at!

Tying it all Together

There’s no denying that every home renovation comes with its own set of challenges and difficulties.

Depending on your time-frame, budget, space and style, the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless.

Get your project off to the right start by focusing on the five important décor elements discussed above and your redesign will come together more effortlessly than you ever thought possible.

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