Plain Concrete Finishes

Basically there are three different common finishes for plain concrete driveways paths etc.


This is probably the simplest finish if you are going to do some concreting yourself.

You compact the concrete and ‘strike it off with a straight edge.

A stiff brush is then drawn over the concrete to form a textured surface.

The texture means this is a good anti slip surface for paths and driveways.


Steel Float

This finish requires a bit more skill than a brushed finish.

It done by ‘polishing’ the surface with a steel float to give a very flat smooth surface.

With no texture its not recommended for slopes and can be slippy when wet.

It is good for garage floors as it makes it easier to turn the wheel at slow speed and is easier to clean

Wood Float

A wood float finish is finished in a similar way to steel float but the wood float gives a texture between brushed and steel float finishing.

The texture is generally achieved with sweeping circular strokes as shown in the photograph.

This effect takes a bit of practice, so if you want to try this yourself its worth practising in an out of the way place before trying in a high profile area.

Concrete Edging

Whichever finish you choose the other decision you need to make is whether to edge it like this photograph.

Most concreters in Perth, and other parts of Australia, will normally include edging as part of their overall job.

If you want to do the work yourself you will need to buy a special edging tool.