Controlling Noise

Looking at a lot of design magazines and web sites I see a lot of hard minimalist interiors.

Perhaps looking like the photo here.

Some of the key words seem to be ‘Industrial’, ‘Scandy’, ‘Warehouse’ or ‘Loft’ styles.

The Problem

They might look trendy. . . . but be in the room for a while and noise becomes an issue.

All those hard surface means every sound bounces of the surface rather than being absorbed.

a few people talking and the sound levels just rise.

It can also make music sound harsh and jarring.

You can put rugs down and curtains . . . . but that spoils the look.

A Strategy

One way to keep the look, but absorb the sound, is to use Accoustic Panels.

These can be ceiling panels like these in the photo on the right from which complement that minimalist look.

You can also get wall panel that can have a graphic image.

Even though they look to be hard surfaces they are effective sound  and can help you achieve a more peaceful life.