How to clean a toilet brush

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Cleaning a toilet brush is an essential part of maintaining a clean and healthy household.

Without properly cleaning your toilet brush, you run the risk of spreading germs and bacteria all over your bathroom or around the house.

This is an overview of how to keep your toilet brush clean and in good condition.

Understanding how to do this will help you get ahead on your cleaning routine, ensuring that the toilet brush can be used for a long time before it needs to be replaced or repaired!

Fill a bucket with hot water, bleach and cleaners. (liquid ones will work best)

Dirty toilet brushes are not only unhygienic, but cumbersome to clean.

Make sure the bucket you use is large enough and deep enough to fully submerge the brush and holder.

Fill the bucket with hot water and a few drops of dish soap. Add 2 cups of bleach to the water.

Place the brush and holder in a vial of bleach for one hour

Start by pouring soap and water onto the toilet brush for just a few seconds.This ensures that any hard-to-reach spots will be tamed. Swirl the toilet brush in a bucket of soapy water to loosen up and break down dirt, grunge and germs from deep inside the bristles.

First, scrub the brush on the underside of a running toilet.Dampen the toilet brush bristles with bleach and scrub them vigorously. Rinse in cold water. Soak the brush and holder for at least 1 hour.

Rinse your brush and holder under hot water.

Soak the brush in water that is as hot as possible. Hold the brush under running water for at least 30 seconds.

The hot water makes the active ingredient in bleach less strong.

Before putting your toilet brush away dry it off

Air-dry the brush and holder.

Put them on a towel until they are dry.

Make sure your brushes are completely dry before storing them.

Wiping down brushes or placing them on a shelf will lead to germs growing.

Clean the brush monthly

Cleaning a toilet brush regularly can help to keep the bristles from building up bacteria and grimness.

It is a good idea to clean it monthly.

Cleaning with Natural Products

Clean your toilet brush regularly to help reduce the build-up of bacteria and grime as well as prolonging its lifespan

This is an important step in keeping your home clean and germ free.

When it comes to using natural products at home, the process is straightforward.

Pour a solution of water and vinegar into the sink to create a cleaning pad.

Rinse out your toilet brush holder with hot soapy water before placing it on top of this clean pad in the sink and adding another one if necessary for length.

Fill up the rest of the way with cold or warm water, enough to submerge the brush bristles.

Let it soak overnight and rinse in the morning.

This will help to disinfect the toilet brushes with natural ingredients as well as remove any build-up from grime or germs between cleaning sessions.

Disinfecting the Toilet Brush

After you have cleaned your brush, it is important to disinfect the bristles.

Mix a 5 litres of water with ½ cup bleach and pour this into a bucket or another large container that will fully submerge the toilet brush holder..

Let the brush soak for at least 30 minutes before stirring up the mixture and letting it sit again for an hour or two.

After the brushing is done, dry off the brush and store for use next time.

If you can’t find a good spot to hang up your brushes, place them on top of an old towel that covers the bristles when not in use.

This will help keep dirt from accumulating inside the bristles while they are stored away.

Why clean your toilet brush?

The toilet brush is an important tool for cleaning your house, but it can also carry and spread germs if not properly maintained..

Cleaning your toilet brush will help to keep the bristles from building up bacteria and grim, as well as keeping dirt out of the bristles while stored away.

It may seem like a task that takes up too much time, but properly cleaning your toilet brush will help to keep the germs away and make it more efficient for you to clean your house.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Toilet Brush:

  • Cleaner bristles that are less likely to harbor bacteria or dirt.
  • Brushes last longer when cleaned regularly;
  • Brushes are less likely to transfer bacteria or dirt onto surfaces

Cleaning a toilet brush is important for the health, longevity and efficiency of your brushes as well as in reducing germs around your home.

It may seem like an additional task that takes up time but it will be worth it!

You could even divide this process into a monthly or weekly cleaning schedule if you would like.

Clean a toilet brush regularly to help reduce the build-up of bacteria and grime, as well as prolonging its life span!

This is an important step in keeping your home clean and germ free.


To keep your family and home healthy, it is essential to properly clean a toilet brush.

With the quick steps we’ve provided in this blog post, you can avoid spreading bacteria all over your bathroom or around the house.

Let us know if these instructions have been helpful for you!

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