Top 3 Luxury Bathroom Features to Consider During Your Next Upgrade

Guest Post by Sherazi Khan

A bathroom renovation can add a lot of value to a home, and even if you have no intention of selling your house in the foreseeable future, a fresh, upgraded bathroom experience can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life.

However, planning a bathroom upgrade isn’t exactly easy. You have a lot of options to choose from, and some features may be more worthwhile than others depending on your budget.

Let’s go over our top 3 luxury bathroom features to help you get the most out of your next bathroom upgrade.

Heated Flooring

Have you ever gotten out of the shower on a cold winter evening, felt amazing from the hot water on your body, and then promptly had that sensation ruined by ice-cold tiles on your feet? Well, there’s a solution to that: Heated floors.

Heated bathroom floors help raise your home’s value, provide you with a better bathroom experience, and add a luxurious flair to your bathroom overall.

Even better, a heated floor can save you money in the long run since it can effectively lower your heating and cooling costs. So, it’s a luxury investment that pays off.

This doesn’t have to be a major investment, either. There are floor heating options in several price ranges, and if your budget is reasonable to begin with, you can likely afford at least this one luxury feature.

Green-Themed Features

Nowadays, “going green” is all the rage, and there are some good reasons behind that.

Things such as low-energy lights, water-saving showerheads and faucets, low water consumption toilets, and automatic shutoff lights can help you reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment in fairly dramatic ways.

However, the benefits aren’t just one-sided. Lower resource consumption means your bills will be lower each month. Plus, several technological advancements have made such “green” bathroom features not only more luxurious but far more practical than what you may have heard about them in the past.

Now, they can perform just as well as their traditional counterpart, integrate modern design elements into their aesthetics and features, and are overall much more than simply “green” alternatives.

More importantly, with the popularity of the “green” movement, homebuyers are looking for these features to be pre-installed. So, making this investment can help you sell your home more easily in the future.

Professional Design Theme

When you walk into the average bathroom, the walls tend to be bare and plain, or they’re layered with wallpaper that looks like it’s from the 1950s.

That’s okay if you like that style. However, that’s not going to cut it if you’re trying to gain a more luxurious washroom experience or increase your home’s value.

Instead, it’s a worthwhile choice to pay for a professional bathroom renovation service, especially one with an artistic design team, who create something truly unique.

While you’re focusing on luxury features such as a high-end spa bath, heated floors, and other functional parts of the room, a creative designer can bring your wildest dreams to life and make your bathroom embody the luxurious feeling you’re going for.

Choose What’s Best for You

Obviously, there are more choices than just these three. From various high-end tile options to fixtures made from precious metals, and vanities that look like they belong in a museum, the list goes on and on.

It’s important to choose the features that match your sense of style and try to consider the impact they’ll have on your monthly bills or your home value.