Have a look in the real estate section of the papers and you will see some builders are offering ‘Special Incentives’ for a limited period…………………… should you rush in to take them up?

Well I don’t think it makes any difference.

The ones that offer incentives seem to operate on a cycle of offers something like:

$30,000 of Luxury Inclusions for $2,000

followed a couple of months later by;

Free Theatre Room 

then a few months after that by;

Free Air-conditioning and Landscaping

a little time later it’s;

Prices SLASHED by $30,000

then its back to;

$30,000 of luxury inclusions for $2,000

The truth of the matter is some of the builders add thousands of ‘marketing’ dollars to the price so they can make these ‘Special Offers’

The reason why they are limited is because they want you to sign up quickly rather than look around other builders houses.

I’m not saying that you aren’t getting a value for money house……….just don’t be pressured by the offer to rush in without thinking…….. They are not really ‘Free’, and there will be another different offer when the current one finishes.

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